Adding products to a subscription schedule

In order to get started click on the Products section on the Setup section of the Per Diem Dashboard. The first thing you’ll see on the Products section is the listings page. If you haven’t added any products the list will be blank, but as you add products into Per Diem you can manage them from this page.

There are three types of products that you can create a subscription with.

  1. Product - this is the main product that will show up in your online store. 
  2. Addon - this is a priced addon that can only be purchased together with a regular product (eg: a weekly carton of eggs addon can be associated with a CSA share at a farmers market).
  3. Modifier - this is a non-priced modification that you can make on a product. An example of a modification could be the type of grind for a coffee bean delivery program.

To start, navigate to the Products section of the dashboard and tap on the New + button to add a product. You’ll have the option to select a product, add-on, or a modifier. Select the product option. 

Now there are three steps to add the product to your online store. 

Step 1: Product details 

  • Add the internal product name. This is used for you to identify the product later on in the dashboard. 
  • Add a product title that’ll be displayed in the online store. 
  • Add a product description. 
  • Add a photo of the product. 
  • Click next to go to the pricing step. 

Step 2: Pricing

  • Select the schedule that you’d like to apply to the product. 
  • If you selected No schedule as a frequency, then add the number of orders that should be fulfilled with each subscription (eg: write 4 in this box if you’re selling a 4-loaf bread subscription).
  • If your subscription has a weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or custom schedule then you don’t need to include the number or items since that’s automatically calculated when you set the schedule duration. 
  • Add a one-time payment price. The one-time payment price is the amount charged to the customer when they sign up and each time the subscription renews.
  • Optionally, you can add a custom label to the price. 
  • Click next to go to the addons step.

Step 3: Addons

  • This step is only relevant when adding a regular product, not an addon or a modifier. 
  • You’ll see a list of the available addons on the final step of creating the product. 
  • Check the box for any relevant addon(s) that you’d like to offer as part of the subscription. 

Nice! You’ve successfully added your first subscription to your online store. 

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