A coupon contains information about a percent-off or amount-off discount you might want to apply to a customer.

Create a coupon

You can create coupons easily via the coupon management page of the Per Diem dashboard. 

A coupon has either a percent off or an amount off. If you set an amount off, that amount will be sub

Using customer-facing promotion codes

Coupons are a tool in the merchant dashboard that you can use to apply discounts on subscriptions. Through the coupon tool you can create customer-facing promotion codes. 

Here are a few of the capabilities: 

  • Create customer-facing codes that map to a single underlying coupon. For example, a promotion code called FALL20 would point to a 20% off coupon.
  • Customize controls and limits on promotion code by specifying the eligible customers, first time orders, minimum order values, expiration dates, and redemption limits. 
  • Limit the products that coupons can be applied to. 

Creating promotion codes

To create a promotion code, go to the Coupons tab under the setup section of the merchant dashboard. Click the New Coupon + button to add a new promotion code. 

Follow these steps to complete the flow: 

  • Give the coupon an internal name that’ll be used internally and in reporting. 
  • Give the coupon a code. This is the code your customers will use for the promotion. 
  • Select the type of discount you’d like to apply to the promotion code
  • Percentage 
  • Fixed amount

Promotion code configurations

By configuring the promotion code, you can customize which customers are eligible, how many time a promotion can be redeemed, when a promotion code expires, or set a minimum amount the discount can be applied to. 

Limit by customer

To limit a promotion to a particular customer, specify a [customer] when creating the promotion code. If no customer is specified, the code can be redeemed by any customer.

Limit by first time order

You can also limit the promotion code to first time customers. If the customer has no proper payments, they are considered a first time transaction. 

Set a minimum amount

With promotion codes, you can set a minimum transaction amount for eligible promotion codes by configuring the minimum amount. Since promotion code restrictions are checked at redemption time, the minimum transaction amount only applies to the initial payment for a subscription. 

Customize expirations

In order to create time-based incentives, you can set an expiration date on the promotion code.

Limit redemptions

You can limit the amount of redemptions for a promotion code. For example, you might want a promotion code to be redeemable to the first 50 customers, but every customer can only use it once.

Inactive promotions

You can set whether a promotion code is active by toggling on/off the active switch on the promotion code listings page. If a promotion code reaches its max redemptions or is expired, it becomes permanently inactive. These promotion codes can’t be reactivated.


It’s not possible to stack two or more promotion codes. 

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