How to setup subscription fulfillments

After you set the duration of the subscription and click next, you’ll land on the Fulfillments page. This is where you add physical pickup locations, delivery schedules, and add pickup/delivery times.

Add a fulfillment

The first thing you’ll want to do on this page is add a fulfillment. A fulfillment can be either a pickup location, local delivery, or national shipping. 

Pickup locations

When you add a pickup location you’ll need to enter the name of the location, and the full address. There’s also a description field where you can add any special notes or include the phone number of the location. 

Local delivery

For local delivery you’ll be able to add the zip codes of your delivery coverage area that will be validated when the user signs up for the subscription. 

Fulfillment charges

By default, each fulfillment will be marked as free, but you can charge for fulfillments as well. If you untap the free checkbox and enter the amount you charge for each fulfillment. Keep in mind that if you have a 4-week bread subscription, you’ll want this fee to cover all four weeks. So if you charge $5 per delivery, the amount you’ll need to enter is $20.

Add fulfillment day & time

Once you’ve added all the fulfillment types, the next step is to add the day & time for each fulfillment. This step is only relevant for pickup and local delivery, not shipping. 

  • Click the Add Times + button 
  • Select a day of the week
  • Select a start and end time 
  • Tap Add Time button in the modal to add 

Nice! You’re completed your first subscription schedule. Now let’s move on to adding products to the subscription. 

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