How to use the customer tab

With Per Diem’s customer tab, you can manage in-store fulfillment and track when and where orders are picked up and delivered.

The customer tab is powered by an autocomplete search that makes it easy to find a customer that’s picking up their order. Search by first or last name, or you can sort the list by alphabetical order. 


Once the customer pops up in the search box, you’ll see a check-in button alongside their name. When you click this button a modal will pop-up to confirm the check-in. When the user is checked in, you have the option to leave a note about the check-in, and to send them an email receipt. 

So let’s say a user, Jane Doe, has a coffee subscription for 7 cups of espresso. Every time Jane comes to your shop for an espresso, you use the check-in button, which will deduct one of the orders from Jane’s subscription until her subscription runs out. 

When you tap on Jane Doe’s profile, you’ll see the number of check-ins she’s made. You’ll also be able to view a history of check-ins she’s made for her subscription. 


In the customer tab section you’ll notice a toggle called auto-renew. By default, this is on when a user makes a subscription, but they can toggle it off on their account page in the online store. The merchant can also toggle it off for the customer in the customer tab. 

If auto-renew is on this means that when Jane finishes her 7 espressos, she’ll automatically be charged for an additional 7 espresso subscription and her profile in Per Diem would reflect that. Her previous subscription will be greyed out, but you’ll still be able to access the check-in history. 

Customer notes

In addition to check-in notes, which are shared with the user, you have the ability to add customer notes that are internal. This note will pop up on your screen when you check the customer in. 

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