Settings page

The last tab in the Per Diem dashboard is the Settings tab. Here is where you can reset your password, invite additional users, and configure additional fees such as tax.

Account Management 

In order to update any of your account information click on any of the fields and start editing. You can update your personal information or your password in this section. 

Shopping Steps

This is where you edit the default copy for the different sections of the subscription funnel. Just tap the pencil icon to change the title or subtitle of the product, addon, pickup, or checkout pages. Additionally, this is where you can add or remove a page from the subscription flow.

What is an addon?

An addon is a sub-product of a subscription. An addon can’t be purchased on its own, only if the customer has a subscription that it’s affiliated with. 

By default, the addons page is disabled. You can activate it in the shopping steps section.

Pages in the subscription flow

  • Product
  • Addon
  • Pickup
  • Checkout

Invite User

Easily invite other team members to join your Per Diem account by entering their email address and name. 


There are two main configurations that are important for you to know. 

The first configuration is tax support. Simply toggle this feature one and insert the associated tax rate in your area. 

The second configuration is the store setup fee. This is an additional fee that will be tabulated when the consumer is checking out. For instance, you could add a 20% service charge if it’s a bar or dining subscription. You can also set a dollar-based fixed store setup fee (eg: $2 packaging fee). 

Keep in mind that you should charge any associated delivery or shipping fees when you setup your fulfillments. It’s recommended that you don’t add those fees as store setup fees.

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