Subscription schedule

If you’ve already signed up for Per Diem, you can get started with your online store right from the Per Diem Dashboard by following the directions below:

Setting up your schedule

  • In your Per Diem Dashboard, select Schedules
  • Tap on the New Schedule + button.
  • Give your schedule an internal name (eg: Weekly on Sundays). 
  • Set how frequently you want to fulfill the orders on your schedule. 

How schedule frequency works

  • Weekly - subscription is fulfilled on a weekly basis.
  • Bi-weekly - subscription is fulfilled on a bi-weekly basis. 
  • Monthly - subscription is fulfilled on a monthly basis. 
  • Custom - subscription is fulfilled on a custom fulfillment schedule.
  • No frequency - subscription is fulfilled anytime during regular store hours.
:/> Here is a quick tutorial of how to setup a schedule.

If you’ve selected a weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or custom schedule you’ll need to set a duration. A duration can either be fixed or seasonal. 

A Fixed duration means the length of time the subscription lasts, which starts immediately after your customer purchases the subscription. As an example, if you set the fixed duration to [4] with a [weekly] frequency, that means the subsections will be fulfilled for 4 weeks from the time the user subscribes. 

When you select a Seasonal duration for the schedule, this will prompt you to set a start and end date for the subscription. For instance, if you wanted to offer a beer delivery subscription every Sunday during the football season, you’d set the Start Date as September 12, 2021 and the End Date as January 9, 2022. 

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