In-store promotion

Level up your coffee shop's in-store experience. Place QR codes all around, making it a breeze for customers to find and score exclusive app-only deals. Get ready for your app downloads to soar.


Window Decals

Don't let your storefront go to waste when you're closed. Transform your window into a 24/7 ad space with a QR Code, intriguing those passing by even after hours.


Table Tents

Enhance the waiting experience. Position QR codes on tables, allowing customers to scan and download the app while they eagerly await their orders.


Takeout Packaging

On-the-go discovery. Print QR codes on takeaway bags or cups, enabling busy customers to easily access and download the app.


To-go Menu

Offer on-the-go customers a hassle-free experience with PDF QR Codes that serve up your menu right when and where they need it.


Coffee Cup

Adopt Dunkin' Donuts' smart move by incorporating QR codes on your coffee cups. Run a QR code campaign linked to your app's landing page, offering exclusive points and perks through the app.


In-Store Posters

Decorate your coffee shop with eye-catching posters featuring QR codes, inviting customers to explore the app's delights.


Sandwich Boards

Utilize your sidewalk sandwich board – bold, loud, and eye-catching. Add a QR code for menu previews and entice potential patrons.


Stickers and Labels

Get creative with stickers and labels. They can be anywhere in your bar, from countertop to the bathroom mirrors. QR codes are your customer's path to your app.



Add QR codes to receipts, granting customers quick access to leave feedback or uncover exclusive app offers.