Tailor-Made Features Just For You


Get creative with custom features for your app

Got a wild idea for your app? Awesome! Whether it's a feature that's never been seen or a twist on the existing ones, our designers are ready to dive in. Oh, and, for that extra touch of uniqueness, a small investment goes a long way!

  • Turn your unique ideas into features that set your app apart, all while staying in perfect sync with your Square POS.
  • Give your customers a unique ordering twist or a more customized app experience. Our team will work with you to create it.
  • Incorporate specific functionalities on demand, ensuring that your app meets the unique needs and demands of your business.

A dedicated landing page for your app

Your app deserves a spotlight and we've got it ready. Our team will design a landing page for your website that not only mirrors your brand but also boosts its Google ranking. Packed with pop-up banners and badges, this page will turn your website into an app magnet.

  • Boost your app's discoverability with a landing page optimized not just for users but also for search engines.
  • Make your app unmissable with striking app banners that will motivate visitors to try it out.
  • Ensure your landing page matches the look and feel of your brand, creating a consistent and engaging user journey.

Let Us Help You Launch on Social Media

Interested in a custom animation to promote your app? We'll design a free animation for you that'll harmonize your brand's rhythm, turning casual viewers into enthusiastic app advocates.  Let your app create buzz, excitement, and a lasting customer connection.

  • Get a free, custom animation showcasing your app's unique features, designed for seamless sharing on social media.
  • Match the beat of your brand with a musical accompaniment that turns your animation into a catchy, toe-tapping promotional piece.
  • Transform your app's narrative into a shareable experience, captivating audiences and turning them into enthusiastic app advocates.