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Set up house account subscriptions in minutes, then connect to your Square POS.
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Increase your average order value by creating a frictionless payment experience that enables upsells.
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Give your best customers more reasons to stay loyal to your store. Allow them to checkout seamlessly, and give them full control over renewals and credits on their account.
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Optimize your operations and measure progress

Gain insights that help you meet your customers' needs while they're still in your store. Leverage our powerful scheduling tools to get the job done.

Now more than ever, we live in a world that demands convenience.

Insights & advice from local businesses

Increase LTV with subscriptions

Subscriptions Subscriptions + One time purchases

LTV when you offer subscriptions with Recharge:

How did we calculate this?
For this exercise, we analyzed our book of business of 15k merchants. We calculate LTV using the following formula:
Subscriptions only, multiply by 1.7
Subscriptions + One time purchases, multiply by 2.3
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Our merchants are connecting the world through their subscriptions, serving over 50 million subscribers in more than 200 countries.