Targeted email campaigns

Discover strategies that captivate, motivate, and drive action. From welcoming new subscribers to festive holiday campaigns, find the key to driving app downloads and customer engagement.


Welcome Series

Create a welcoming email series to greet new subscribers, introducing them to your app and the exclusive perks it brings. It's the perfect way to begin their journey with your brand.


App Launch Celebration

Launch your app with a bang by sending a dedicated email to your current customers. Offer them a special discount as a 'thank you' for downloading and placing their first app order, ensuring a strong and engaging start.


Holiday Content Calendar

Follow Starbucks' lead this holiday season. Showcase special holiday offerings with mouthwatering visuals and irresistible descriptions in your emails. Drive app downloads and sales with this seasonal charm.


Optimize Subject Lines

Optimize your subject lines and preview text by keeping them around 30 to 50 characters. Craft language that creates a sense of urgency and offers a reason to click that download app button.


Update Email Template

Your call to action should stand out. Use language that compels them to click through your landing page. Some great CTAs include: Download App for Advance Order, Pre-order Your Take-out, Earn Rewards, Explore the Menu


App Usage Tips

Equip your users with insider tips and tricks to make the most of the app's features, delivered through informative email newsletters.


User Guides

Walk your customers through the app download and usage with easy-to-follow instructions.