How Lucky Coffee Boosts Mobile App Adoption Through Email Campaigns


increase in app store views


increase in app downloads


increase in app sessions


increase in app store views


increase in app downloads


increase in app sessions


Ever wondered how to get customers engaged with your brand outside of their daily cup of coffee? Lucky Coffee Roasters, in Clameront, found a creative way to drive app adoption that increased loyalty and revenue through a targeted email campaign. Learn how Lucky Coffee capitalized on early bird promotions to boost enrollment. Discover how to structure effective calls to action that convert. With the right email nurturing strategy, you too can accelerate adoption and build loyalty through your app. Let's dive into the details of Lucky's successful app launch and early bird promotion so you can brew up an effective campaign of your own.

Introducing Lucky Coffee's New Mobile Ordering App

Lucky Coffee recently launched its new mobile app, allowing customers to skip the line and order ahead. Developed by Per Diem, the Lucky Coffee app provides an efficient ordering experience through features like:

  • Swift payments through Apple Pay and other mobile wallets, allow for a seamless ordering process.
  • The ability to place an order for easy pickup at any Lucky Coffee location.
  • Exclusive offers and rewards through the new Lucky Coffee rewards program. Customers earn points with each purchase which can be redeemed for free items and other benefits.

To encourage early adoption of their app, Lucky Coffee is running a February Early Bird Bonus promotion. Customers can earn 1.5 times the normal Lucky Coins reward points when ordering between 7-9 am. The more points earned, the more free items can be redeemed.

By incentivizing their most engaged customers, Lucky Coffee aimed to generate buzz about their new app through word-of-mouth and social media shares. The email campaign, combined with an in-store promotion, allowed them to raise awareness and drive a high volume of downloads during the initial launch period. With an easy-to-use, rewarding app and a well-executed marketing strategy, Lucky Coffee achieved its goal of boosting mobile app adoption.

Driving App Adoption Through Email Marketing

To increase app adoption and engagement, Lucky Coffee utilizes email marketing to re-engage users and promote their new mobile ordering app. By offering an exclusive early bird promotion in February, they give customers an added incentive to download the app and start earning rewards.

  • Email campaigns are a cost-effective way for them to spread the word about their new app to existing customers. Promotional banners in the emails drive web users to download the iOS or Android app, increasing adoption.
  • The early bird bonus of 1.5x Lucky Coins on all purchases for a limited time encourages users to not only download the app but actively use it during the promotion period.
  • Early bird rewards let companies highlight ongoing value. Lucky Coffee's launch campaign not only advertised the February bonus but also teased future rewards, encouraging recipients to stay tuned for exclusive offers and updates. This approach set the stage for continued engagement beyond the initial campaign.
  • Short and effective calls-to-action, such as "Enroll Now," "View Your Balance," and "Download the App," encouraged readers to download the app and visit their local Lucky Coffee shop to take advantage of the bonus points offer.

Lucky Coffee’s well-timed email promotion of their new mobile app and initial bonus offer were key to overcoming initial barriers to adoption and building long-term app usage and loyalty.

Offering Early Bird Bonuses to Incentivize Downloads

Early Bird Incentives Drive Action

Offering exclusive benefits or discounts to early adopters can motivate new users to download a mobile app. Lucky Coffee leveraged this strategy by providing an “Early Bird Bonus” to customers. During the promotional period of February, customers could earn 50% more reward points by making purchases and keeping track through their mobile app. This type of short-term incentive encouraged coffee drinkers to download the app quickly to take advantage of the special offer.

Exclusivity Builds Urgency

By limiting the bonus to the first month, Lucky Coffee created a sense of urgency and scarcity for customers. The fear of missing out on extra reward points likely pushed many customers to download the app immediately rather than delay. 

Integrating the App With Their Square Loyalty Program

Lucky Coffee wanted their new mobile app to seamlessly integrate with their existing loyalty program. This would allow their customers to easily access their rewards and benefits through the app.

Per Diem built the mobile app to sync directly with Lucky Coffee’s Square loyalty program. Now, when customers make a purchase in-store or through the app, their points and rewards are automatically updated in both the loyalty program and the app. Customers can check their point balance, redeem rewards, and stay on top of exclusive offers through either platform.

Integrating these systems provides a convenient, consistent experience for customers across channels. They don’t have to worry about keeping track of two separate accounts or point balances. It also gives Lucky Coffee a single source of truth to gain insights into customer behavior and run targeted campaigns.

The app’s loyalty integration features:

  • Sync all customer data, transaction history, points, rewards, and offers between the app and the loyalty program
  • Redeem rewards directly in the app
  • Checkpoint balance and tier status
  • Receive push notifications about new rewards and offers
  • Provide customers with a seamless experience across online and in-store purchases

To facilitate the integration, Per Diem built APIs that pass data between the app and Square POS in real-time. This “handshake” between systems is invisible to customers but crucial for a unified experience.

The loyalty integration has proven successful for Lucky Coffee. App users who are also loyalty members tend to visit more frequently and spend more per transaction. By bringing rewards and convenience to customers’ fingertips, the mobile app boosts loyalty and drives additional business.

Results: Increased Mobile Orders and Customer Engagement

The email campaign promoting Lucky Coffee’s mobile app and February bonus offer has proven successful in boosting mobile orders and driving customer engagement.

Customer feedback and in-app responses have been overwhelmingly positive. More than 80% of those who downloaded the app highlighted the convenience of ordering for pick-ups, speed, and rewards as compelling reasons to continue using the app for their coffee orders.

According to research, a poor mobile experience can reduce customer engagement by over 52%. Lucky Coffee’s email campaign and app launch avoided this by providing an easy way for customers to order ahead and earn rewards. Their “Mobile Order and Pay” approach, similar to Starbucks’, has proven effective in boosting mobile usage and loyalty.

By offering 1.5 times the normal amount of reward points during a limited time, Lucky Coffee incentivized more orders and downloads. The coffee shop witnessed a remarkable increase in app downloads within the first week of the campaign, reaching 200+ downloads. 

The results of this email campaign and app launch prove that a strategic "mobile-first" approach can significantly impact key metrics like customer engagement, satisfaction, and sales. Lucky Coffee is well on their way to becoming a mobile leader in their industry.

Final Thoughts

You've now seen how Lucky Coffee successfully boosted app adoption through its email campaign. By offering an exclusive early bird bonus, they incentivized customers to download the app and earn their loyalty. Their example shows the power of smart email marketing to drive engagement. With creative promotions and valuable perks for users, you too can achieve mobile success. Remember to make the offer exclusive, tie it to your brand identity, and make signing up simple. Then get ready to build lasting relationships and see your app downloads soar.