Put a ring on your
customer relationships

Going above and beyond orders

At Per Diem, we're all about spicing up your digital presence. From super-smooth online ordering to speedy food delivery, our mobile apps are designed to captivate your customers and keep them coming back for seconds, thirds, and more

Custom App Design

Let your designer out with Per Diem! Create a mobile app that's uniquely you, complete with customized icons, splash screens, and a theme that'll have your brand shining bright from the rest of the crowd.
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Push Notifications

Our real-time push notification feature closes the gap between you and your patrons. Craft custom messages, shoot out updates, and smooth out order management. Ensure a flawless ordering experience for every customer.
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Subscription Perks

With Per Diem, you'll have customers signing up for more! We've got subscription magic and loyalty programs, including points and store credits that'll have them craving your cuisine or coffee and boosting your bottom line.
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Solutions Beyond The Menu

Delight customers, spark growth, and amp up your mobile presence

Coffee Shops

Elevate your coffee shop's cool factor with a tailored and super-friendly designed app. Ordering from your coffee shop has never been this fun, all while giving your brand's online presence a
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Our custom mobile apps turn your restaurant into a digital sensation. With our digital solutions, offering seamless online ordering, dazzling menus, swift deliveries, and more becomes a breeze. It's time to delight your customers and drive growth.
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Shopping is an art, and your app should reflect it. We'll give your retail store a stylish online presence. We're here to boost your bottom line from streamlined inventory management to enhanced customer engagement.
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