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Best for new subscription
Online store
Merchant dashboard
5% + $.10 transaction fees
5% transaction fee
5% transaction fee
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Best for growing businesses
selling online and in-store
Online store
Merchant dashboard
House accounts
2% + $.10 transaction fees
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Best for scaling businesses
with over $1m in sales
Online store
Merchant dashboard
House accounts
Custom domain & email
1% + $.10 transaction fees
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Join thousands of companies that sell subscriptions online.

“Automating our CSA subscription business helped us streamline the buying experience for our customers. Now we can spend more time at our markets and less time updating spreadsheets.”

John Norman,
Owner - Norman’s Farm Market

Questions & Answers

If you have any further questions, get in touch with our friendly team
When am I charged Per Diem's monthly fee? 

You'll be charged the monthly fee when you sign up for Per Diem.

What are the Stripe fees and when do they apply?

Per Diem uses Stripe to process payments securely. Stripe's credit card transaction fee is 2.9% + $.30 per charge.

How do I receive money from sales on my website?

Money you earn through Per Diem is directly and securely transferred to your bank account via Stripe.

Do you have a Privacy Policy & Terms of Service?

Yes, our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy are accessible at the bottom of any page on our website.

Are my customers’ email and passwords secured by Per Diem?

Yes. Data stored in Per Diem about your members is secured using industry best practices - this include member emails, passwords, and metadata. We force HTTPS so that data between your website and our server is encrypted. Data stored in our database is also encrypted. We also make regular automated backups in order to stay safe.

Does Per Diem store my member’s financial information?

Per Diem uses Stripe to process payments. We do not store any financial information about our customer’s subscribers.

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