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Launch a beautiful mobile app for free

Per Diem makes it easy to build a branded app your guests will actually use.

Start with menus

Create a free menu app that’s always in sync with your POS. Upsell specials, keep track of 86’d items, and say goodbye to those clunky PDF’s.


Streamline ordering

Add Order Ahead and Tableside Ordering to start generating extra revenue with no commissions. Re-ordering a favorite meal couldn’t be easier with past orders saved on the app.

Advanced Features

Turbocharge your mobile experience

Gift cards

Let customers send gift cards to friends and family that can be redeemed through your POS or in the app itself.

In-app loyalty

The Rewards tab makes it easy for guests to check their points and use the rewards in their wallet.

Highlight specials

The app homepage is a perfect place to put gorgeous food photos and major announcements front and center.

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Push notifications

Send your guests customizable push notifications that alert customers instantly.

We build branded mobile apps your guests will actually use