App Launch Checklist

5 steps to mobile success


Add links & badges to your website

Make sure your website is optimized for mobile devices, so customers can easily access the download link from their mobile phones.

Add links to your website
Use QR codes in-store

Use QR codes in-store

Add displays, posters, and table tents with QR codes to encourage customers to download the app.


Create app-only incentives

Customers can be incentivized with bonus points, discounts, or other rewards for downloading the app and making their first purchase.

black sparklesCreate app-only incentives
Spread the word on social

Spread the word on social

Start by emphasizing customer service, loyalty, and rewards. Guide followers to your App Store listing page via your link in bio.


Send emails that drive downloads

Create email campaigns that drive app downloads, whether you want to reward loyal customers or target your highest spenders.

sparklesSend emails that drive downloads
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