Exclusive app incentives

Treat your app users like VIPs. Turn your app into a must-have for your loyal customers, ensuring they keep coming back for more.


Unlimited Coffee Subscriptions

Reward app users for repeat orders or spending thresholds, keeping them coming back for more.


Earn Rewards with Every Order

Reward your customers with points for every order made through the app. Watch their loyalty grow as they collect points, driving app downloads and repeat business.


Promotion Codes

Dish out unique, time-limited promotion codes, enticing customers with discounts on their first app orders.


First Purchase Perks

Welcome first-time app users with extra loyalty points or exclusive discounts on their initial order.


App-Only Menu

Take a page from McDonald's playbook and create an exclusive app-only menu featuring secret items or signature sauces that customers can't resist. It's the ultimate incentive to download and uncover unique flavors.


Loyalty Points Redemption

Allow app users to pay with their hard- earned loyalty points, giving them a sense of appreciation and value.