Coupon Codes That Work: Chip City's Free Cookie Strategy for Customer Acquisition


increase in app store views


increase in app downloads


increase in app sessions


increase in app store views


increase in app downloads


increase in app sessions


Whether you savor chocolate chip cookies soft and chewy or with a satisfying crunch, National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day on December 4th is one of the sweetest days for cookie lovers. This year, many bakeries and restaurants went all out to join the celebration, and one standout was Chip City with their clever "Free Cookie" campaign. To celebrate National Cookie Day, they offered customers a free cookie through a special coupon code in their mobile app.  The result? They not only satisfied countless sweet cravings but also achieved a remarkable feat – breaking into the top 100 in the app store. Moreover, their conversion rate soared by an impressive 78%. Now, that's how you make National Cookie Day even sweeter!

Introducing Chip City and Their Free Cookie Strategy

Chip City is a gourmet cookie startup based in New York that received $10 million in funding from investors like Danny Meyer, the founder of Shake Shack. Currently, with 27 locations and nationwide shipping, Chip City leveraged its Per Diem mobile app to double transactions by offering customers a free cookie.

On National Cookie Day, Chip City announced an irresistible deal through push notifications on their app: “Order on our app and snag a FREE cookie to sweeten the celebration! To redeem a free cookie, download the Chip City app, add a cookie to your cart use the coupon code ‘CHOCOLATE’ at checkout.”

Chip City’s free cookie promotion accomplished several key goals:

  1. Increased app downloads. By offering an exclusive deal only available through their app, Chip City gained more installs and new customers.
  2. Higher retention and engagement. Customers who downloaded the app for the free cookie offer are more likely to use it again to order and engage with the brand.
  3. New sales. While customers received one free cookie, many also purchased additional items. The promotion essentially gave new and existing customers an incentive to place an order.
  4. Brand awareness. Chip City received publicity and word-of-mouth marketing from customers sharing about their free cookies on social media.

With a single strategic promotion, Chip City cracked the top 100 in the App Store, doubled their transactions, and gained new loyal customers, proving that free offers and coupon codes do work when implemented thoughtfully. For restaurants and food brands, a well-designed promotion on an app or online ordering platform can be an easy way to acquire new customers and boost sales.

Using Push Notifications to Market the Free Cookie Offer

Push notifications are the perfect tool for alerting customers to limited-time offers and flash sales. Chip City Cookies leveraged this capability in their mobile app to spread the word about their free cookie promotion on National Cookie Day.

Doubling Transactions Through Targeted Messaging

To capitalize on the holiday, Chip City Cookies announced an exclusive one-day offer through their app: “Order on our app and snag a FREE cookie to sweeten the celebration! To redeem a free cookie, download the Chip City app, add a cookie to your cart use the coupon code “CHOCOLATE” at checkout.”

They kicked off their push notification campaign a week before and social media campaign just 3 days before the big day, announcing the irresistible free cookie offer to all app users,  resulting in a huge uptick in orders and new downloads.

Offering Value to Build Loyalty

Free offers and discounts are an easy way for restaurants and bakeries to provide value to customers. Chip City’s free cookie giveaway not only boosted short-term sales but also built goodwill and loyalty among customers.

Customers who downloaded the app for the first time to take advantage of the deal are now part of Chip City’s marketing database. Chip City can reach out to these new users in the future with more offers and updates to keep them engaged.

Providing exclusive discounts and freebies through a mobile app gives customers an incentive to download the app and opt-in to receive marketing messages. When used strategically, push notifications are a powerful tool for customer acquisition and retention.

Chip City’s creative free cookie promotion is a perfect example of using technology and targeted marketing to spread the word, build loyalty, and boost sales. 

Driving App Downloads With a Coupon Code

Chip City’s free cookie promotion demonstrates how restaurants and food retailers can utilize coupon codes and limited-time offers to acquire new customers. By promoting an irresistible freebie, Chip City motivated cookie lovers to download their app and place an order.

Once customers have the app installed, Chip City can market to them directly with customized offers and incentivize return visits. Promo codes and coupons are valuable tools for driving sales without reducing profit margins. They create urgency by offering a limited-time deal that seems too good to pass up.

To execute an effective coupon campaign:

  1. Choose a promotional period, like a holiday or event. National Cookie Day was the perfect opportunity for Chip City.
  2. Create an enticing offer, like a free product or BOGO deal. Freebies attract the most interest.
  3. Promote the exclusive promo code through all marketing channels. Push notifications, email, social media, and in-store displays will spread the word.
  4. Make the code easy to redeem in your app. The simpler the process, the more people will take advantage of the offer.
  5. Provide amazing customer experience. A free sample is a chance to impress new customers and gain their loyalty. Quality and service should be top-notch.
  6. Continue marketing to new app users and subscribers with future deals and offers. Nurture these new relationships to foster repeat business.

With the right strategy and execution, promo codes and coupons can be potent tools for customer acquisition and driving sales. Chip City’s clever cookie campaign shows how sweet success can be.

Doubling Transactions on National Cookie Day

The free cookie promotion was a huge success. Chip City's app cracked the top 100 in the app store and transactions from the mobile app doubled on National Cookie Day. The company gained many new loyal customers who will likely return and continue ordering through the convenient app.

Other brands have also found success with promotional events on National Cookie Day. For example, Crumbl Cookies offered double loyalty points for all in-store and online purchases. The additional incentive motivated many cookie lovers to buy from Crumbl, boosting sales.

Free offers and rewards are an excellent way for restaurants, bakeries, and coffee shops to drive app downloads and spur new business on holidays or special occasions. When customers get a sweet freebie, they have a positive first experience with the brand and will associate your business with that good feeling. The free item also gives new customers a chance to try your products risk-free. Many will become loyal fans and continue purchasing at full price.

For small businesses like Chip City Cookies, a well-timed promotion can provide a big boost in brand awareness and sales. Leveraging a holiday like National Cookie Day and offering a free item through their mobile app was a smart strategy that paid off with doubled transactions and boosted app rankings. Other food and beverage companies would be wise to follow suit with creative promotions on holidays and events that match their products or brands. A little short-term investment in free goods can lead to long-term gains through new devoted customers.

Key Takeaways - Coupon Codes and Customer Loyalty Programs

Chip City’s free cookie promotion on National Cookie Day was a smart strategy to acquire new customers and boost loyalty. By offering a free treat through their Per Diem mobile app, they gave customers an incentive to download the app and make a purchase, which doubled their transactions that day.

Coupon Codes Drive App Downloads

The coupon code “CHOCOLATE” gave customers a reason to download the app and place an order with them. Once customers experience the convenience of mobile ordering and payments, they are more likely to become repeat users of the app and frequent customers of Chip City. The free offer essentially gave customers a risk-free trial of the mobile app and Chip City’s products.

Loyalty Programs Improve Retention

While promotions attract new customers, loyalty programs keep them coming back. Chip City can now engage customers by sending push notifications about special offers, new menu items, or events. Customers who downloaded the app for the free cookie may turn into loyal followers and regularly order through the app to earn more rewards.

Takeaways for Your Business

Chip City’s strategy provides several useful lessons for restaurants, cafes, and any bakeries with a mobile app. Here's what you can learn from their strategy:

  • Offer free or discounted items to drive app downloads and new customer acquisition. Coupon codes and promotional offers give people an incentive to try your app and products.
  • Build a loyalty program into your mobile app to improve customer retention. Push notifications, points programs, and exclusive rewards will keep customers engaged with your app and brand.
  • Reward your most loyal customers. Provide your most frequent customers with the best perks and experiences. Giving your loyal base special treatment will make them advocates for your brand.
  • Use holidays and events to boost promotions. Tie your offers and rewards into the theme of holidays, festivals, or other events to make them even more enticing for customers.
  • Track key metrics to measure success. Monitor app downloads, transactions, repeat customers, and other data to see which strategies are most effective for customer acquisition and loyalty. Make adjustments to your program based on the results.

Final Thoughts

So there you have it - a clever marketing strategy with a sweet ending for both Chip City and its customers. By offering a little free treat, Chip City gained valuable new customers and boosted brand awareness. And you, as a business owner, gained insight into an innovative approach for acquiring and engaging your customers. Why not give your customers a little gift and see what happens? They just might reward you with their loyalty, their business, and the sweet taste of success. After all, who can resist a free cookie?