Crave Cookies Left Square for Franchise & Built a Per Diem App to Challenge Crumbl


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You've got a sweet tooth that just won't quit. It's time to feed that cookie craving with a trip to your local Crave Cookies. This isn't your average chocolate chip - we're talking strawberry poptart, oreo dirt pie, and other wild weekly flavors you never knew you needed. So take a quick bite of their new mini cookies, or sit and savor one of their signature soda creations. However you crave it, this shop aims to satisfy.

Why Crave Cookies Undid Beyond Square for Franchise

Explosive Growth From Utah Origins

You know how some cookie shops seem to pop up overnight, while others slowly build a loyal following? Crave Cookies took the fast lane to expansion. This Utah-based franchise started to gain fame in 2022 but it has been in the market for more than decades. With the launch of their craveable flavors like Oreo Dirt Pie and Cookies 'N Caramel were the brand became an instant hit.

Within just a couple years, Crave had opened over a dozen corporate locations across Utah. The viral popularity sparked rapid franchise growth as entrepreneurs clamored to own a Crave franchise.

Undoing the Traditional Franchise Model

Crave Cookies went against the grain of the traditional franchise model in key ways that allowed for faster growth and greater efficiency. Rather than require franchisees to conform to a rigid system, Crave empowered store owners with flexibility and autonomy. Franchisees were given more control over store designs, menus, and operations to suit their local markets.

This led to innovation as franchisees tested new ideas that could then be adopted more broadly. Corporate also streamlined processes to reduce red tape for store owners. Tasks like ordering supplies and accessing marketing materials were made simple through an internal portal.

Leveraging Technology for Multiple Locations

Rather than forcing each franchisee to develop their own systems, Crave provided the Per Diem app to manage multiple store locations. The app gives owners real-time data on sales, inventory, staffing, and more. They can monitor the performance of all their Crave stores from a single dashboard.

This centralized system saves franchisees significant time and effort while ensuring consistency.

Crave Cookies' Weekly Menu of Creative Flavors

The Crave worthy Rotation

Let's talk about what really sets Crave Cookies apart - their delicious weekly menu rotation. Every Friday, they unveil 5 brand new, mouthwatering flavors to join their permanent lineup of classics. This weekly surprise keeps things exciting and gives you a reason to stop by regularly.

From Strawberry Poptart to Oreo Dirt Pie, you never know what tasty twist they'll dream up next. But you can count on intense flavors, creative combinations, and cookies crafted for true moments of awe. They aren't playing around with these monster-sized, New York-style treats.

Signature Standbys

Of course, Crave always keeps crowd favorites like chocolate chip and the legendary Cookies 'N Milk on deck. These are the reliable, nostalgic flavors you crave on the regular.

But it's their more unique signatures that have people coming back week after week. The Biscadoodle (a cookie/biscuit hybrid), The Rockstar (loaded with toffee, chocolate, and caramel), and Crookies (croissant-cookie crossovers) are just a few examples of Crave's creative genius.

Bite-Sized Bliss

Don't forget the Mini Cravelits - these adorable, bite-sized chocolate chip cookies are perfect for popping by the handful. They make a fun, sharable snack for parties or a sweet little treat all for yourself. The tiny size makes them seem almost too cute to eat...almost.

With flavors ranging from playful to decadent, cookie lovers have plenty to get excited about every single week at Crave Cookies. The ever-changing rotation ensures there's always something new and innovative to sink your teeth into.

How Crave Cookies Built a Custom Mobile App With Per Diem

The Challenge of Standing Out

Everybody has heard of Crumbl Cookies - the brand overwhelmingly sparked a cookie craze across America. But what if we told you there's a new cookie shop giving Crumbl a run for its money? Enter Crave Cookies. With wildly creative flavors like Strawberry Poptart and Oreo Dirt Pie, they're shaking things up.

To truly differentiate and delight customers, Crave Cookies knew they needed a killer mobile app experience. One that would allow fans to order ahead, skip lines, earn rewards, and pay seamlessly. But building a robust app from scratch is no easy feat for most small businesses.

Partnering With Per Diem to Build the Perfect App

This is where Per Diem Subscriptions, Inc. came in. Per Diem is a white-label mobile app is focused on helping food and beverage businesses level up. Crave Cookies teamed up with Per Diem to craft a custom app for both Android and iOS.

The app was designed to be equal parts convenient and engaging. Customers can browse the ever-changing menu, place orders for pickup or delivery, and earn loyalty points with every purchase. The integrated Apple Pay makes checkout a breeze.

An Irresistible Loyalty Program

But the pièce de résistance is Crave Cookies' loyalty program baked right into the app. For every $1 spent, customers earn 10 Points which can be redeemed for free cookies and other rewards down the line.It's a brilliant way to inspire repeat business and cultivate a legion of raving fans.

The app also allows Crave Cookies to push targeted promotions, announce new flavors, and share mouthwatering food photography to get those taste buds tingling. With a seamless ordering process and enticing loyalty perks, it's no wonder the app has been a smash hit with Crave's customers.

Can Crave Cookies Challenge Crumbl's Cookie Empire?

Crave Cookies Unique Offerings

While Crumbl was busy rapidly expanding across the country, Crave focused on perfecting their unique twists on classic cookie flavors like Strawberry Pop Tart, Oreo Dirt Pie, and the ingenious "Crookie" (cookie + brownie). Many locals argue Crave's gigantic, gooey cookies simply taste better than Crumbl's offerings. Additionally, Crave now allows their customers to build their own custom cookie boxes through their app. This allows customers to choose from any of Crave's rotating flavors to create a custom assortment, further differentiating Crave and fueling competition with Crumbl.

So can the underdog Crave Cookies really challenge Crumbl's rapidly expanding empire? Only time will tell. But one thing is certain - with insanely creative flavors, devoted local fanbases, and now a powerful technology platform, the cookie shops like Crave aren't going away anytime soon.

This delicious battle for cookie supremacy is just heating up. Who will emerge as the ultimate cookie kingpin? The future has never looked so appetizingly uncertain.

Final Thoughts

Crave Cookies' decision to move away from Square for Franchise and embrace a custom mobile app developed by Per Diem has been a game-changer. This strategic move has positioned Crave Cookies to challenge Crumbl Cookies by offering a comparable customer experience through innovative app features and exceptional service. For other multi-location businesses, this example shows that franchising is not the only path to growth; with the right approach, scaling effectively and maintaining a competitive edge is entirely achievable.