How Arkansas' the Busy Bean Tops Charts on Google Play With a Custom Mobile App


increase in app store views


increase in app downloads


increase in app sessions


increase in app store views


increase in app downloads


increase in app sessions


The Busy Bean, one of Per Diem's top coffee shops, highlights how custom ordering boosts its success story. With nine locations in Arkansas and ranking third in the Food & Drink category, The Busy Bean places a high priority on mobile ordering. Customers easily order and pay through the app, resulting in increased daily mobile orders and over 1000 app downloads in the first month. Their Android app has secured the ranking on number 3rd on the Google Play Store within three weeks.

Partnering with Per Diem ensures uniform excellence and convenience across all stores by making their app central to customers' experiences. This tailored mobile presence is driving The Busy Bean's thriving shops. What comes next for this cutting-edge coffee shop?

Introducing Arkansas' Top Ranked Coffee Shop App - The Busy Bean

The Busy Bean, Arkansas’ premier coffee shop, provides customers with a seamless mobile ordering experience through their mobile app built by Per Diem. With nine bustling locations across the state, the Busy Bean needed a way to efficiently handle high demand while maintaining its renowned customer service.

Premium Coffee and Service Redefined

The Shop built its business on a passion for premium coffee and a dedication to customer service. However, as they expanded to new locations, long wait times and crowded cafes challenged their ability to provide the experience customers expected. By adopting a custom mobile app, The Busy Bean overcame these difficulties and redefined convenience and service for their loyal customers.

Seamless Ordering and Payment

The Busy Bean app allows customers to order ahead from any location using their mobile devices. With a user-friendly interface and streamlined payment options, the app makes enjoying The Busy Bean’s premium coffee and fresh fare quicker and easier than ever before. Customers can place orders at their convenience, skip the line by picking up from the dedicated mobile order counter, or have their items delivered right to their table by their friendly staff.

Rising to the Top

By providing customers with an unparalleled experience, their dedication to service, and a seamless way to enjoy The Busy Bean’s offerings, the app helped rocket them to the top of Google Play’s Food and Drink category. Through their partnership with Per Diem, The Busy Bean redefined convenience and rose to become Arkansas’ highest-ranked coffee shop.

The Busy Bean's Success With a Custom Mobile App

The Busy Bean has risen to become Arkansas’ top-ranked coffee shop by embracing mobile technology. By partnering with Per Diem they have successfully streamlined the customer experience and fueled its success.

Order Ahead for Convenience

The Busy Bean’s mobile app offers customers the ability to order ahead, skipping the line to pick up their drinks. With nine bustling locations across Arkansas, the order ahead feature provides a seamless experience for customers on the go.

Custom Design for Competitive Edge

As competition grows in the food and beverage industry, custom mobile apps have become a cornerstone for success. The Busy Bean recognized this early on and decided to develop an app tailored to their brand and customer needs. The sleek, practical design of The Busy Bean mobile app has resonated with customers, earning it the number 3 rank on the Google Play store.

Streamlined Payments and Loyalty

In addition to convenient ordering, their app incorporates mobile payment and loyalty capabilities. Customers can securely pay for their orders through Google Pay and Apple Pay and earn loyalty points with every purchase. By storing customer payment information and loyalty accounts in one place, the app creates an efficient experience that keeps customers coming back.

The app is available on both iOS and Android versions

Key Features Driving Mobile Orders and Downloads

The Busy Bean mobile app is proving to be quite successful. The coffee shop gets between 50 and 80 mobile orders daily, making up a large portion of its total orders. Plus, they have averaged over 1000 app downloads in just three weeks. This shows that developing a branded app for their customers was a wise decision. The app's convenience and perks are helping them grow fast.

Streamlined Ordering Process

The intuitive interface allows customers to browse the full menu, select items, and customize orders in just a few taps. An efficient checkout process enables fast and easy payments through the app. By eliminating the need to stand in line, The Busy Bean’s mobile app provides an optimized ordering experience for customers on the go.

Order Ahead for Pickup

Customers can place an order for pickup through the app in advance at their preferred location. By the time they arrive, their freshly brewed coffee or food will be ready to grab and go. For customers tight on time, the order ahead feature is essential.

Loyalty Program Integration

The Busy Bean app enables customers to earn and redeem points with each purchase through integration with Square Loyalty.

Members can also receive exclusive rewards and offers through the app to incentivize them to order more frequently. Integration of the loyalty program into the mobile ordering app has proven key to driving ongoing customer engagement and retention.

Multi-Channel Promotion

The Busy Bean promotes its mobile app through various channels. The app is prominently featured on their homepage with clear descriptions and an "Order Now" button. They also share perks of the app on social media like Instagram to encourage downloads and sharing. This multi-channel strategy ensures customers know about the app's benefits and stay engaged on every platform.

How The Per Diem App Fuels the Busy Bean's 9 Locations

The Busy Bean’s partnership with Per Diem to enable mobile ordering has been instrumental in increasing customer engagement and streamlining operations across its 9 locations in Arkansas. By utilizing the white-label ordering service, The Busy Bean has been able to provide an efficient ordering experience tailored to the needs of each shop.

Customized Ordering for Each Location

The platform allows them to customize its mobile app for the specific menu offerings and services available at each location. Customers can place orders through the app for their regular drinks and food items at their preferred shop based on the options provided for that location. This customization provides a familiar experience for regular customers and helps The Busy Bean gain valuable insights into the purchasing behaviors of visitors to each shop.

Data-Driven Decision Making

The app provides The Busy Bean with monthly analytics and reporting on orders, sales, and other metrics to better understand demand and make data-driven decisions. Using these insights, The Busy Bean can optimize staffing, improve inventory management, and roll out targeted promotions to increase customer loyalty. The ability to analyze trends over time and across locations gives them a competitive advantage in Arkansas’ growing craft coffee scene.

The Busy Bean’s success with Per Diem demonstrates how strategic partnerships and custom technology solutions can fuel sustainable growth for entrepreneurial brands. Overall, The Busy Bean’s rise to become a top-ranked coffee shop in Arkansas has been powered by its innovative approach to customer experience and operations.

Final Thoughts

You must take action to stay competitive in the coffee shop business. The Busy Bean provides an excellent example to follow. They partnered with Per Diem to develop a custom mobile ordering app that has fueled their success. Now one of the top-ranked coffee shops in Arkansas, they continue to promote their app across platforms. The impressive number of downloads and daily orders show that a well-executed mobile strategy connects with customers. Following The Busy Bean’s lead in innovating with technology can help your shop thrive. Look at partnering with an experienced app builder to create your own custom-branded mobile experience. Then get the word out through multiple channels to drive downloads. Satisfying and retaining customers with an easy ordering process makes your hard work pay off. Don't let the competition get ahead. Take steps now to bring your coffee shop into the mobile age.