How Boba Bliss Drove Sales Through Mobile App Coupons


increase in app store views


increase in app downloads


increase in app sessions


increase in app store views


increase in app downloads


increase in app sessions


Boba Bliss saw great success from their first mobile coupon campaign. Located in the heart of downtown, they wanted to increase their customer base. They offered customers a free drink with their first in-app purchase. Promoting the offer on social media and in-app, the coffee shop saw downloads skyrocket. Providing an in-app coupon made redemption seamless. This clever campaign increased app adoption and sales for Boba Bliss, demonstrating the value of digital coupons for driving downloads and sales. You too can achieve similar growth through targeted mobile app coupons.

How Boba Bliss Used Free Drinks to Promote Their New Mobile App

Offering an Irresistible In-App Promotion

Boba Bliss launched their mobile app with an enticing signup offer: a free drink with your first in-app purchase. Using the promo code “SIGNUPGIFT,” new users could claim a complimentary beverage and experience the convenience of mobile ordering. This savvy promotion introduced customers to the app’s features in a memorable way while driving downloads and sales.

Spreading the Word on Social Media

To maximize exposure, Boba Bliss promoted the giveaway on their Instagram profile and as a banner on their app's home screen. The eye-catching message “Get a free drink with your first purchase” intrigued followers and new users alike. By advertising across platforms, the company reached both loyal and potential customers.

Tapping into Growing Demand for Boba Tea

Market research shows increasing interest in boba tea, especially among younger generations. Boba Bliss’s mobile app and signup offer cater to this trend, allowing the brand to gain new fans. With an easy-to-use system for ordering ahead or on the go, the app provides an unparalleled level of convenience for customers. Boba tea consumption has grown by over 20% annually in recent years, driven by demand from Millennials and Gen Z. This growing customer base seeks brands that offer quick and convenient mobile ordering options.

Continuing the Campaign's Success

The initial success of the free drink promotion demonstrates its power to boost brand recognition and sales. Boba Bliss can build on this momentum by offering additional in-app coupons and temporary discounts to keep customers engaged. A rewards program giving users points towards free items with each purchase could also increase loyalty and return visits. By making their mobile app the go-to for special offers and perks, Boba Bliss will see continued growth.

Driving Sales Through Instagram and in-App Promotions

Harnessing the Power of Instagram

With over 1 billion monthly active users, Instagram is a social media powerhouse for driving sales and reaching new customers. Boba Bliss capitalized on Instagram's popularity by running an "Get a free drink with your first purchase” promotion on their Instagram profile. This social media campaign targeting new and existing customers on Instagram led to a huge boost in app downloads and revenue.

Offering In-App Coupons for Greater Conversion

In addition to promoting the offer on Instagram, Boba Bliss provided an in-app coupon for a free drink with the first purchase made through their app. By offering a valuable incentive within the app experience, Boba Bliss was able to convert new downloads into first-time purchases at a higher rate. The in-app coupon, combined with social media marketing, proved an effective one-two punch for acquiring new customers and boosting sales.

Driving Long-Term Loyalty and Repeat Business

While promotions are useful for sparking initial interest, long-term success depends on building customer loyalty. By offering an easy mobile ordering experience through Per Diem and high-quality products, Boba Bliss has given customers reason to come back again and again. Their growing base of regular customers and increased repeat business is a testament to the role their mobile app and product quality has played in customer retention and driving sustainable growth.

In summary, Boba Bliss leveraged the power of social media and in-app promotions to exponentially increase new downloads and sales. By focusing on customer acquisition, experience, and retention they have built a foundation for lasting success and growth. Their approach demonstrates how coffee shops and other businesses can drive real results through targeted mobile and social media marketing strategies.

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The Value of Offering Mobile App Rewards Programs for Coffee Shops

Boba Bliss utilized their mobile app and rewards program to drive sales at their coffee shop. Boba Bliss is located in San Francisco, California and built their app with Per Diem to provide mobile ordering and payment for customers.

Increase Customer Loyalty and Retention

By offering coupons and promotions exclusively through their app, Boba Bliss incentivized new and existing customers to download the app. The welcome offer drove many first-time downloads and encouraged customers to make a purchase to redeem their free drink. This type of incentive builds loyalty by giving customers a reason to return to the app and the coffee shop.

Boost Sales and Revenue

Once customers downloaded the app for the initial promotion, the coffee shop had an opportunity to market additional offers and cross-sell to drive higher bills and more frequent visits. According to studies, customers spend up to 60% more when ordering through a mobile app versus in-person. Boba Bliss took advantage of this by promoting special deals and discounts on featured drinks and upsized portions exclusively through the app.

Streamline the Customer Experience

By handling ordering, payment, and rewards through the Boba Bliss mobile app, the overall customer experience was improved. Customers appreciate the convenience of quickly placing an order on their phone for pickup. The seamless payment process through Apple Pay also reduced wait times in line, allowing customers to get in and out efficiently. An improved customer experience leads to higher satisfaction, loyalty, and word-of-mouth promotion.

The combination of welcome offers, exclusive deals, and a convenient ordering experience allowed Boba Bliss to drive app adoption, boost revenue, and build a loyal customer base through their partnership with Per Diem. Using mobile technology and incentive programs, the coffee shop improved their business and provided value to their customers.

These in-app promotions boost their revenue.

Final Thoughts

The free drink promotion worked for Boba Bliss. By offering a free drink to first time app users, the coffee shop was able to drive many initial app downloads and capture new customers. Once in the app, these customers could be targeted with additional promotions and deals to drive repeat visits and higher spending. You too can drive sales for your coffee shop by leveraging the power of mobile apps. Offer creative rewards to new users, spread the word on social channels, and make redeeming offers easy. With the right strategy, your app can help grow your customer base and bottom line.