How Cosmic Coffeehouse Teamed Up with Per Diem and Square for an Out-of-This-World Grand Opening


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increase in app store views


increase in app downloads


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The ribbon-cutting event for Cosmic Coffeehouse + Smoothie Bar took place at 282 South Main St. in Newtown on October 23, 2023, at 10:30 a.m. 

Opening the doors of his Newtown, Connecticut cafe, Matt found that success comes down to tools and timing. By focusing on what matters - the customer experience, high-quality ingredients, and a welcoming atmosphere - Cosmic Coffeehouse + Smoothie Bar has become a thriving community hub. This dynamic entrepreneur recognized the demand for the unique services his cafe has to offer. 

Matt Connolly's Vision for Cosmic Coffeehouse

When Matt Connolly opened the Cosmic Coffeehouse + Smoothie Bar, he had a clear vision for its success and future.

Matt dreamed of creating a neighborhood spot where people could enjoy high-quality coffee, tea, and smoothies while connecting with friends or getting some work done. His goal was to build a thriving local business that would become the heart of the community.

To achieve this vision, Matt focused on four key areas:

  1. Providing an uplifting customer experience. From the friendly baristas to the cozy, Instagram-worthy interior to hassle-free online ordering every detail was considered to make customers feel welcomed and cared for.
  2. Offering innovative, nutritious menu items. The Cosmic Coffeehouse is known for options like golden milk turmeric lattes, acai bowls with granola and fresh fruit, and protein smoothies made with ingredients like dates, cacao, and nut butter.
  3. Adopting the mobile ordering app right from the beginning of the launch. The coffeehouse fulfills its commitment to customer satisfaction by offering seamless payment options through the app and multiple rewards and personalized perks to their loyals. 
  4. Fostering community engagement. The coffeehouse hosts events like open mics, book clubs, and yoga classes. They also partner with other local businesses for promotions and donations.

Brewing Up the Perfect Location in Newtown, CT

When launching a new coffee shop or restaurant, location is everything. For Cosmic Coffeehouse & Smoothie Bar, Newtown, Connecticut proved to be the perfect spot to set up shop.

Newtown is a charming New England town with a vibrant community and entrepreneurial spirit. It is home to two popular craft breweries—NewSylum Brewing and Reverie Brewing Company—showing the town appreciates quality, handcrafted beverages. With its historic architecture, independent businesses, and community events, Newtown attracts visitors from surrounding towns who value an authentic small-town experience.

The specific retail space selection placed Cosmic Coffeehouse & Smoothie Bar in the heart of Newtown’s commercial center. Within walking distance of the train station and town green, the shop’s location offers high foot traffic and visibility to attract new and repeat customers.

To launch successfully, the timing was critical. Opening just before the busy holiday shopping season allowed Cosmic Coffeehouse & Smoothie Bar to spread holiday cheer while introducing itself to the community. By January, the shop had brewed up a loyal customer base through its festive specials, friendly service, and artisanal drinks.

With the right location and ideal timing, Cosmic Coffeehouse & Smoothie Bar was poised for success. By choosing a community-focused town and historic, high-visibility retail space, and launching during the peak holiday season, the shop ensured its place as Newtown’s newest neighborhood gathering spot. The perfect blend of location and timing proved to be the business’s winning recipe.

The Decision to Go Mobile: A Proactive Approach

Cosmic Coffeehouse made a savvy business decision to launch its mobile ordering app right from the start. As an innovative coffee shop and smoothie bar, they recognized the value of technology in enhancing the customer experience. By adopting a proactive approach, Cosmic Coffeehouse has positioned itself ahead of its competitors.

The Benefits of Going Mobile

Launching with a mobile app provided several advantages for both Cosmic Coffeehouse and its customers. For the business, a branded app helps to build loyalty and repeat customers. It also provides valuable data on customer preferences that can shape menu offerings and operations. For customers, a mobile app makes ordering quick and convenient. No more waiting in long lines or dealing with incorrect orders. Customers can browse the menu, customize their order, pay, and schedule a pick-up time all on their schedule.

Anticipating Customer Needs

By launching with a mobile app, Cosmic Coffeehouse demonstrated its commitment to anticipating and meeting customer needs. They understand that in today’s fast-paced world, convenience and efficiency are highly valued. An app saves customers time and hassle, allowing them to grab their coffee or snacks and be on their way.

Staying Ahead of the Trends

The restaurant industry is rapidly evolving with new technologies that enhance operations and the customer experience. Cosmic Coffeehouse has shown itself to be forward-thinking by integrating mobile ordering right from the start. They recognize that mobile apps are quickly becoming an expectation for customers. By already having their app in place, Cosmic Coffeehouse has a competitive advantage and can continue improving and optimizing to better serve their customers into the future.

The Power of Personalized Push Notifications

Recognizing the importance of direct customer engagement, Cosmic Coffeehouse used Per Diem's marketing push notifications feature. Cosmic Coffeehouse understands that today's generation may be easily drawn and retained by proving that your business genuinely cares about them and their preferences and remembers them. Therefore, the primary objective of Cosmic Coffeehouse is to build genuine and meaningful connections with its customers. By implementing personalized push notifications strategically, they may increase the quality of their customer relationship and generate more orders as they utilize this powerful communication tool.

Reengaging inactive users

Many customers download a coffee shop’s app with the best of intentions but end up abandoning it over time. Personalized push notifications give Cosmic Coffeehouse a way to reengage these dormant users by sending a friendly nudge about their favorite drink or a promotion tailored to their tastes. These small reminders are often all it takes for customers to open the app again, rediscover their love of Cosmic’s products, and place a new order.

Rewarding loyal customers

For Cosmic Coffeehouse’s most devoted fans, personalized push notifications provide an opportunity to show appreciation for their continued business. Messages highlighting a customer’s “usual” order or reminding them about their rewards balance and redemption options make loyal patrons feel valued and encourage repeat visits.

Driving impulse purchases

The flexibility of push notifications allows Cosmic Coffeehouse to prompt customers with time-sensitive deals and new menu items at strategic times. A mid-morning reminder about the daily smoothie special or an afternoon promotion for an energy-boosting latte and pastry are triggers that can inspire an impulse purchase and boost sales during slower periods.

The Importance of Timing in Launch Strategies

Timing is everything in business, and launching a new coffee shop or restaurant is no exception. Choosing the right moment to open your doors can make or break your success.

Identifying Trends

Keeping a close eye on trends in the food and beverage industry will allow you to determine the optimal time for a launch. For example, the rising popularity of acai bowls and smoothies led Matt to introduce a blend of coffee and smoothies. Capitalizing on trends ensures you’re giving customers what they want.


Take seasonality into account when planning your launch. Warm weather months may be ideal for opening an establishment focused on cold beverages like smoothies, while cozy coffee shops tend to attract more customers in chillier seasons. Time your launch to match peak seasons for your specific concept.


Look at what your local competitors are up to to find the perfect moment for launching. If several similar businesses recently opened or are planning to open nearby, you’ll want to launch at a different time to avoid getting lost in the shuffle. On the other hand, launching shortly after competitors close down or move locations takes advantage of their existing customer base.


Tie your launch date to a local event that will increase foot traffic and exposure. For example, opening during a popular festival, market day, or sporting event in your area gives you a ready-made crowd. Make the most of the event by offering special discounts or promotions to attract new customers.

Final Thoughts

In the end, success comes down to diligent research and understanding your specific market and concept. This case study proved that with the right timing and strategy, Cosmic Coffeehouse launched at the perfect moment with the right tools to gain a devoted following of smoothie- and coffee-loving customers. Keeping a finger on the pulse of trends in the industry and your local community will enable you to identify the requirements for your successful launch.