How Crema Coffee & Soda is Satisfying Customers in Utah With a Soda Pop App


increase in app store views


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increase in app store views


increase in app downloads


increase in app sessions


Standing out in the crowded coffee shop market requires innovation. For Crema Coffee and Soda in Salt Lake City, Utah, that innovation was offering unique handcrafted sodas in a state with a deeply rooted soda tradition. With a custom ordering app from Per Diem, they've gained 500 app users in less than two months. Their pricing and tempting app incentives cater to the local Mormon community seeking non-caffeinated options. For small business owners, Crema's successful soda pop app strategy presents a case study of leveraging mobile technology to align with local tastes.

Utah's Unique Soda Culture

Utah has a long-standing cultural tradition of avoiding "hot drinks" like coffee following the LDS Church doctrine. To satisfy the local thirst for refreshing beverages, soda shops have become popular gathering places. These shops offer innovative sodas, known as "dirty sodas," made from classic soda flavors mixed with fruit purees, flavored syrups, and creamy toppings.

Perpetuating a Cultural Tradition

Utah's soda culture is deeply rooted in the state's religious history. For decades, Latter-day Saints abstained from coffee, tea, and alcohol. Soda shops arose to provide an alternative, crafting custom sodas and non-alcoholic beverages. Today, Utah's youth continue the tradition, with dirty sodas becoming an integral part of the local culture.

A New Generation of Soda Shops

Modern soda shops like Swig, Sip-N, and Crema Coffee & Soda have gained popularity with Utah's younger generations. These shops offer innovative takes on classic sodas, with options like coconut cream root beer, raspberry, and salted caramel Coca-Cola. Their fun and irreverent branding also appeals to Utah's youth, while still respecting the state's cultural traditions.

Catering to Local Tastes

To succeed in the local market, Crema has tailored its offerings to local tastes. Its menu focuses on non-caffeinated beverages, with items like the "Dr. Razzle" soda, lemonades, and iced chai lattes. Crema also promotes mobile ordering, which has seen rapid adoption and increased average orders within two months of launch.

Introducing Crema Coffee and Soda

Crema Coffee & Soda is a unique coffee and soda shop located in Salt Lake City, Utah that provides high-quality beverages and food in a welcoming atmosphere. Per Diem developed their mobile ordering app to streamline the customer experience. Within two months of launching the app, Crema Coffee & Soda has seen order volumes increase to more than 25 orders per day and has gained nearly 500 app users.

Diverse Menu Offerings

Crema offers specialty coffees, teas, and sodas as well as a variety of delicious food options. Some customer favorites include the Dr. Razzle soda, a blend of Dr. Pepper and raspberry puree with coconut cream, the Iced Chai Latte, the Caramel Macchiato, and the “dirty chai,” a chai latte with a shot of espresso. They also serve fresh-squeezed lemonades, a variety of soda flavors, and soda creams. With a diverse range of caffeine-free and non-alcoholic choices, Crema Coffee & Soda appeals to people of all dietary needs and restrictions.

Promoting the Mobile App

To drive app usage and orders, Crema promotes its mobile app on its website homepage and offers $5 off a customer’s first app order as well as store credit incentives. Within two months of launching, Crema Coffee & Soda’s app orders have grown to 25 per day, demonstrating the success of their promotional tactics.

A Refreshing Part of Utah’s Culture

The soda shop taps into Utah’s historical preference for soda and non-alcoholic beverages. Their specialty sodas and “dirty sodas,” sodas enhanced with fruit purees and creamy elements, appeal to customers seeking an innovative refreshing drink. By offering a variety of soda-based and non-caffeinated options in addition to premium coffees and teas, Crema Coffee & Soda has found the perfect combination to satisfy both Mormon and non-Mormon customers alike in Utah.

Satisfying Customers With Affordable Drinks

With menu items ranging from $2 to $5, Crema's prices are well below industry averages, allowing customers to enjoy their products more frequently.

Crema's affordable drinks are a key part of their customer satisfaction strategy. By pricing items significantly lower than competitors, Crema removes financial barriers for customers and invites experimentation. Patrons feel free to try new specialty sodas, lemonades, or non-alcoholic cocktails without worrying about the bill. This freedom fosters an enjoyable experience where customers discover new favorites and share recommendations with friends.

The low-cost model also helps them maximize profitability. Although drink prices are lower, Crema's margins remain healthy because ingredient and operating costs are kept under control. The affordable prices then drive higher order volume, increasing overall revenue and sales. This combination of low costs and high volume is a proven strategy for maximizing profits in the beverage industry.

Boosting Orders With a Custom Soda Pop Mobile App

A Streamlined Ordering Experience

Crema Coffee and Soda’s partnership with Per Diem has allowed the shop to provide customers with an efficient ordering process. The app offers an intuitive interface where customers can easily view the menu, select their desired beverages, and place an order for pickup or delivery. By simplifying the ordering experience through a mobile app, Crema can boost customer engagement and drive more frequent orders.

Rewards for Loyalty

To encourage repeat customers and increase loyalty, the mobile app offers a rewards program where users can earn points for every dollar spent. These points can then be redeemed for discounts on future purchases or free menu items. The rewards program incentivizes customers to continue placing orders through the app to receive benefits. Square report shows that 75% of customers are more likely to choose a coffee shop that offers a loyalty program

Affordable and Accessible

Per Diem provides white-label mobile apps for small businesses at an affordable monthly rate starting at $99. For coffee shops and restaurants, a customized mobile app can help increase sales and connect with tech-savvy customers. The app is optimized to run on both iOS and Android operating systems, ensuring the widest possible reach.

To achieve the same success as Crema in your area, reach out to our sales team for a demo.

Menu Inspiration

By giving customers easy access to its menu through the app and website, Crema increases the likelihood of menu views and new orders. Customers can browse the options at their leisure and discover new favorites. The visually appealing menu layout also spotlights high-margin, specialty beverages that customers may not have noticed or considered previously. Studies show that menus with photos tend to prompt more appetizing choices and upselling.

The Future of Non-Alcoholic Drinks in Utah

Increasing Demand for Healthier Options

The demand for non-alcoholic beverages in Utah is rising due to a growing interest in healthier lifestyle choices. According to industry reports, non-alcoholic beer sales tripled in Utah this January compared to the same period last year. Overall, the no-alcohol sector grew 9% in volume in 2022. Similarly, sales of non-alcoholic spirits in the U.S. increased 116% in 2022.

An Untapped Market

The majority of Utah's population are members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, who avoid alcohol and caffeine. Historically, the state's beverage options have been limited. However, innovative soda shops and cafes like Crema Coffee and Soda have identified an untapped market for premium non-alcoholic beverages. By offering unique sodas, lemonades, chai, and other specialty drinks, these businesses are poised for growth.

Investment in Product Innovation

Beverage companies are investing heavily in creating great-tasting non-alcoholic alternatives to spirits, wine, and beer. New products like hop-infused sparkling waters, non-alcoholic gin, and wine alternatives provide the flavor and experience of alcohol without negative health impacts or legal issues. These premium products attract health-conscious consumers and those avoiding alcohol for religious or personal reasons.

An Opportunity for Growth

While the non-alcoholic beverage sector makes up only a small fraction of the total U.S. beverage market, it represents an opportunity for innovation and growth. Companies that can create amazing non-alcoholic experiences and build brand loyalty have a chance to shape this emerging market. In Utah, where demand is high and competition still developing, forward-thinking businesses are poised to become leaders in the non-alcoholic revolution.

The future of non-alcoholic beverages in Utah looks bright. With a receptive audience, investment in new products, and untapped business potential, Utah may emerge as a hub of growth and innovation in the no-alcohol beverage sector. By meeting customers' demands for healthier, premium drink options, local brands can drive long-term success in this market.

Final Thoughts

In just two months, Crema has seen app adoption skyrocket to nearly 500 active users placing approximately 25 orders daily. Their diverse menu of specialty coffee drinks, teas, lemonades, and uniquely flavored sodas appeals perfectly to the local Utah palate. Crema's promotions like $5 off first app orders and store credit rewards have also incentivized downloads. For small business owners considering a mobile ordering solution, Crema's rapid growth and customer satisfaction provide an excellent case study. With smart digital tools and marketing, even uncommon niche products like artisanal sodas can find an eager customer base.