How DoorDash Drive and Per Diem Fueled Masala Wok and Tikka Shack's Delivery Dreams


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So you own a few popular Indian restaurants in different cities and want to offer delivery to boost sales, especially with all the third-party delivery services out there. But their fees cut into your already tight margins. What's an owner to do? You turn to technology, of course.

Meet the owners of Masala Wok and Tikka Shack. They faced this exact challenge with their 15 locations across three states. Rather than give up a big chunk of each order to delivery apps, they built their own delivery program. Using Per Diem's white-label mobile app builder and DoorDash Drive's delivery fulfillment service, Masala Wok and Tikka Shack now offer delivery across all their restaurants. Talk about a win-win. Customers can order direct, and the owners keep more of each sale.

Pretty clever solution, right? Sometimes you have to get creative to compete. The story of how Masala Wok and Tikka Shack launched their delivery program with Per Diem and DoorDash Drive just shows a little ingenuity and tech-savviness can go a long way in today's restaurant world. Read on to find out exactly how they did it.

Integrating DoorDash Drive and Per Diem’s Mobile App Builder

If you own a restaurant chain and want to offer delivery without paying hefty commissions to third-party services, DoorDash Drive and Per Diem have a solution for you.

DoorDash Drive lets you tap into DoorDash’s network of Dashers to fulfill deliveries using their self-serve portal and API. You request a delivery through the API, and a Dasher will pick up the order from your location and deliver it to the customer. No more losing a chunk of revenue to delivery fees — you keep 100% of what you charge for delivery.

Per Diem’s white label mobile app builder seamlessly integrates with DoorDash Drive. In just a few weeks, you can launch your own custom-branded delivery app powered by DoorDash’s delivery network. Customers place orders through your app, and you send the delivery details to DoorDash Drive to dispatch a Dasher.

Masala Wok and Tikka Shack, a 15-location Indian restaurant chain, used this combo to roll out delivery across all their stores. “We were able to launch our own delivery service quickly and cost-effectively without sacrificing quality,” said their CEO.

By leveraging DoorDash Drive and Per Diem, you can:

•Offer delivery through your own brand without paying high commissions.

•Provide a great experience for customers using your custom mobile app.

•Tap into DoorDash’s huge pool of Dashers to fulfill deliveries efficiently.

•Maintain full control of your delivery program through an easy self-serve portal.

•Keep all the revenue from your delivery orders.

If providing fast, affordable delivery is critical to your business, check out how DoorDash Drive and Per Diem’s mobile app builder can make your delivery dreams a reality. Your customers will thank you, and your bottom line will too.

Streamlining Operations With Square POS Integration

If you own multiple restaurant locations, streamlining operations is key to efficiency and profitability. Integrating Square POS can help simplify and standardize processes across all your stores.

Square POS integration provides a centralized management system so you can oversee sales, inventory, and staffing from anywhere. No more running between sites to troubleshoot issues or check on things. With Square Dashboard, you get a real-time view into how each location is performing so you can make data-driven decisions to optimize operations.

Square POS also automates time-consuming tasks like billing, invoicing, and contract negotiation. This frees up you and your staff to focus on customer service and growing your business. For example, Masala Wok and Tikka Shack saved 10-15 hours per week per location by switching to Square. More time means better food, happier customers, and less stress for everyone.

Beyond streamlining internal processes, Square POS pairs seamlessly with third-party services like DoorDash Drive to expand your business. DoorDash Drive offers delivery logistics and a network of Dashers to fulfill orders from your menu. For Masala Wok and Tikka Shack, this meant launching delivery at all 15 locations overnight without the hassle of hiring and managing an in-house delivery team.

By leveraging technology to simplify operations, improve efficiency, and reach new customers, restaurants and retail stores can do what they do best - provide amazing experiences. Square POS and DoorDash Drive are innovative tools for businesses looking to optimize their systems, boost profitability, and stay ahead of the competition. The future of commerce is seamless, personalized, and built for growth. Are you ready to take your business to the next level?

Launching Delivery at 15 Locations Simultaneously

Launching delivery across 15 locations at once was no small feat, but with DoorDash Drive and Per Diem in their corner, Masala Wok and Tikka Shack were able to make their delivery dreams a reality.

\n\n###Integrating the Tech

To manage delivery operations at multiple spots, Masala Wok and Tikka Shack knew they needed a streamlined system. They chose Per Diem’s white-label mobile app builder, which seamlessly integrated with their existing Square POS. This allowed them to launch delivery through their own branded app and website, where customers could place orders for delivery or pickup at any location.

Scaling Up with DoorDash Drive

Having the tech in place was key, but they also needed help with the logistics of delivery at such a large scale. This is where DoorDash Drive came in. DoorDash Drive’s delivery management software and network of Dashers enabled Masala Wok and Tikka Shack to offer delivery from all their restaurants right from the start. DoorDash handled details like dasher dispatching, routing, and fleet management, allowing the restaurants to focus on what they do best—serving delicious Indian fare.

A Recipe for Success

With DoorDash Drive delivering the goods and Per Diem powering their digital ordering platforms, Masala Wok and Tikka Shack had found a recipe for delivery success. Their customers could now order their favorite curries, naan, and masala for delivery through the channels they already knew and loved. Talk about a flavorful rollout!

Using these third-party services, Masala Wok and Tikka Shack were able to launch delivery simultaneously across their locations. Had they tried to handle delivery in-house from the get-go, coordinating at this scale would have likely been impossible. But by leveraging existing technology and expertise, their delivery dreams became a spicy, sizzling reality.

The challenge: expansion and efficient growth by lowering dependence on third party apps

Expanding into new markets and scaling operations efficiently often means reducing dependence on third-party services. For Masala Wok and Tikka Shack, launching delivery at their 15 locations across the U.S. and Canada without relying solely on major delivery apps like Uber Eats, Postmates and DoorDash was key.

The challenge: expansion and efficient growth by lowering dependence on third party apps

Using DoorDash Drive for delivery logistics and their own custom mobile app built with Per Diem’s white-label app builder, Masala Wok and Tikka Shack were able to offer delivery while maintaining control of their customer data and relationships. By handling their own delivery, they avoided paying commissions to third-party providers for each order.

Masala Wok and Tikka Shack knew many of their loyal customers would prefer to order directly from them instead of through a third-party app. They used email marketing to inform customers about their new delivery options, inviting them to order on their website or branded mobile app. Many customers opted to order through these channels, allowing Masala Wok and Tikka Shack to capture valuable customer data to further enhance marketing efforts.

Rather than outsourcing delivery entirely to a third-party provider, Masala Wok and Tikka Shack used DoorDash Drive to handle the logistical aspects of delivery like driver recruitment and routing. This allowed them to scale delivery operations quickly at a lower cost than building an in-house fleet from scratch. At the same time, by handling the customer-facing parts of the experience through their custom mobile app, Masala Wok and Tikka Shack maintained control of the customer relationship.

By strategically combining first-party and third-party solutions, Masala Wok and Tikka Shack achieved efficient growth into new markets with delivery while reducing dependence on any single provider. Their multi-channel delivery approach has fueled continued expansion, all while keeping the customer experience, data and relationship under their control.

FAQ: How Masala Wok and Tikka Shack Built Their Own Delivery Program

So you want to know the secrets behind Masala Wok and Tikka Shack’s delivery success? We don’t blame you. Offering delivery has allowed them to reach more customers and increase sales, even with heavy competition from third-party delivery services.

Masala Wok and Tikka Shack started by enabling delivery through their Square Online store and mobile app. Customers love the convenience of ordering their chicken tikka masala or palak paneer for delivery straight from their phones. With Square Online, Masala Wok and Tikka Shack didn’t have to pay hefty commission fees to third-party delivery companies. They could keep more of the profits.

To scale their delivery operations, Masala Wok and Tikka Shack partnered with DoorDash Drive, DoorDash’s white-label delivery service. DoorDash Drive provides the delivery drivers and logistics software to handle deliveries for Masala Wok and Tikka Shack’s multiple locations. Yet the delivery experience still feels customized to their brand.

Using Per Diem’s mobile app builder, Masala Wok and Tikka Shack created an easy way for customers to order delivery directly through their app. The app is integrated with their Square POS system, so orders flow straight to the kitchens. With Per Diem and DoorDash Drive, Masala Wok and Tikka Shack have built a delivery program that rivals the big names, all while keeping their brand front and center.

If you want to follow in their footsteps, here are some of the keys to their success:

  1. Enable delivery through your existing online store or build a custom mobile app. Offer delivery through channels your customers already use.
  2. Consider white-label delivery services to handle the logistics at scale. They allow you to provide delivery under your own brand.
  3. Promote your delivery program through social media, email marketing, and in-store signage. Let your customers know delivery is available straight from you!
  4. Continue improving the experience based on customer feedback. Offer occasional discounts or promotions to keep customers coming back.
  5. Track key metrics like delivery times, customer satisfaction, and sales to optimize your program. Make data-driven decisions to improve.

With the right tools and strategies, any restaurant can build a delivery program to compete with the major third-party services. Masala Wok and Tikka Shack are proof that you can do delivery your own way.

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Final Thoughts

So there you have it, the story of how two Indian restaurant groups with multiple locations launched their own delivery to stay competitive. By teaming up with Per Diem and DoorDash Drive, Masala Wok and Tikka Shack were able to quickly get up and running with a custom mobile app and delivery solution to service all their customers. No longer at the mercy of the big delivery companies, they now have full control over the customer experience, delivery fees, and driver details. Most importantly, they get to keep more of the profits from each delivery order. If you own a restaurant, retail store or really any business with multiple locations, this affordable and scalable solution could be a game changer for connecting with your customers in new ways. Time to stop dreaming about delivery and make it a reality. The future is here, go grab it!