How Kimchi Box Became Michigan's Favorite Restaurant With Mobile Ordering


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Experience the mouthwatering aromas of Korean barbecue and spicy kimchi while you wait at Kimchi Box. But why wait at all? With the Kimchi Box app, skip the line and get your bibimbap delivered straight to your table. This fast-casual spot teamed up with Per Diem to introduce an easy-to-use mobile ordering system, complete with rewards and simple tipping. Say goodbye to long waits and hello to genuine Korean dishes, spiced up with vibrant K-pop vibes. See how technology helped turn this local favorite into a must-visit spot.

Introducing Kimchi Box: Michigan's Favorite Fast Casual Korean Restaurant

Kimchi Box is a popular Michigan-based fast casual Korean restaurant chain known for its authentic cuisine and technology-enabled experience. By adopting a mobile ordering app developed by Per Diem, Kimchi Box has streamlined operations, improved customer experience, and gained loyal fans.

Delicious Korean Cuisine

Kimchi Box is known for serving authentic Korean cuisine made with high-quality ingredients and time-honored recipes. The restaurant uses traditional cooking methods like charcoal grilling to prepare classic dishes like bibimbap, bulgogi, and Korean fried chicken. The menu changes regularly to introduce seasonal specials and limited-time offerings, keeping customers coming back to discover new favorites.

Cozy and Welcoming Atmosphere

In addition to the delicious food, customers enjoy the welcoming atmosphere at Kimchi Box locations. The restaurants feature warm wood tones, soft lighting, and K-pop music to create a relaxing yet lively space. High-top tables and communal seating encourage socializing over shared plates of food. The restaurants also exhibit traditional Korean artwork and serve tea to complete the authentic dining experience.

Customized Experience

Kimchi Box provides a curated experience tailored to customer preferences through its mobile app. Options like fine-tuned tipping, saved delivery addresses, and saved menu favorites make the process fast and frictionless for regulars. The app interface also has a modern K-pop aesthetic that appeals to the restaurant’s target demographic and brand positioning.

The Challenge: Long Lines and Waits Times

Due to its delicious taste, Kimchi Box faced long lines and wait times, diminishing the overall diner experience.

Slow Service and Limited Seating

With the growing popularity of Korean cuisine and K-pop culture in the State, the restaurant saw an influx of diners which their current infrastructure struggled to accommodate. This resulted in slower service, longer wait times, and limited seating - ultimately frustrating customers.

Need for a Seamless Dining Experience

Kimchi Box recognized the need to implement a solution enabling a seamless diner experience if they wanted to scale their business. They needed a way for customers to order and pay efficiently while also freeing up more seating space.

The Solution: Adopting White-Label Mobile Ordering to Streamline Service

To address lengthy wait times and improve customer experience, Kimchi Box implemented a customized mobile ordering system developed by Per Diem white-label. This strategic move allowed them to offer a convenient ordering platform for their tech-savvy customers and gain operational efficiencies.

Increased Convenience and Loyalty

The Per Diem mobile app provides customers the flexibility to order their favorite Korean fare ahead of time and skip queues upon arrival. Patrons can also accumulate and redeem loyalty points, resulting in a seamless rewards experience.

Custom Tipping

Working with Per Diem, Kimchi Box was able to incorporate customized features into their app like smart tipping options and tailored notifications. Custom tipping options allow customers to personalize their experience by choosing from preset tipping amounts, helping the brand control its expenses by offering customers a convenient way to provide fair tips for the service received.

Streamlined Operations

With the bulk of orders placed via the app, Kimchi Box was able to reallocate resources to focus on food preparation and delivery. The kitchen staff have more time to ensure high-quality and consistent dishes as they are not overwhelmed by a high volume of in-person orders. Additionally, fewer patrons waiting in line means front-of-house staff can dedicate more time to providing exceptional service.

The deployment of a customized mobile ordering system has proven instrumental to Kimchi Box's success. By leveraging technology to enhance customer experience and operational efficiency, this fast-casual Korean eatery has become a local favorite. Their adoption of an innovative solution to a common industry challenge serves as a model for similar restaurants seeking to gain a competitive edge.

The Results: Seamless on-demand Ordering Leading to Rave Reviews

The adoption of a custom mobile ordering application has streamlined operations at Kimchi Box and provided an unparalleled experience for customers. Patrons can now order their favorite dishes at their convenience, skip waiting, and proceed directly to pick up their meals. The app offers a tailored tipping option, loyalty points, and a user-friendly interface, cementing its status as a preferred method for ordering.

Convenience and Customization

The app allows customers to peruse the menu, select items, and pay in advance at their leisure. Their order will be prepared as they make their way to the restaurant, allowing them to bypass any lines and pick up their meal immediately. The app also provides options to save favorite orders and earn reward points with each purchase. Customers appreciate the ability to tip in the app as well.

Increased Customer Loyalty

The adoption of mobile tech has helped increase customer loyalty for Kimchi Box. The convenience and customization offered by the app have won over regular patrons. Customers can now order exactly what they want, when they want, and skip waiting in line. This on-demand access and tailored experience have made the restaurant's offerings more memorable and desirable for its customers.

Widespread Popularity

Due in large part to its innovative mobile ordering system and authentic cuisine, Kimchi Box has become a popular Korean casual dining in Michigan. Rave reviews frequently cite the convenience, value, and overall experience of ordering in-store and online. For Korean food enthusiasts and K-pop fans alike, Kimchi Box has established itself as a go-to spot for an efficient yet pleasant meal. The widespread popularity and loyal customer base demonstrate the success of integrating this technology.

By adopting modern tech, Kimchi Box has crafted an unforgettable customer experience and set a new standard for fast casual dining. The operational benefits and rave reviews affirm the competitive advantage gained through this innovation. With a proven formula for growth and popularity, Kimchi Box is poised to continue its ascent as Michigan’s favorite Korean BBQ restaurant.

Key Takeaways for Korean Restaurants Looking to Enhance Service With Mobile

Kimchi Box’s successful adoption of a custom mobile ordering system provides valuable insights for similar restaurants seeking to optimize operations and boost customer satisfaction. Their experience highlights three key benefits of enhanced mobile functionality.

Streamlined Ordering and Reduced Wait Times

By allowing customers to place orders in advance through their mobile app, Kimchi Box has been able to decrease queue lengths and wait times. Customers appreciate the convenience and time savings, while the restaurant benefits from improved order accuracy and efficiency. For restaurants struggling with long queues and wait times, a mobile ordering app can be an effective solution.

Customer Loyalty

Kimchi Box’s mobile app incorporates a loyalty program that rewards frequent customers. This type of incentive, combined with an overall enhanced customer experience, fosters brand loyalty and repeat business. Korean restaurants should consider a loyalty program as a way to appreciate their regular customers and encourage them to return.

Operational Efficiencies

With customers placing more orders through the app, Kimchi Box has been able to redeploy some of its counter staff to focus on food preparation and delivery. This has optimized their staffing model and allowed employees to concentrate on their primary duties. For restaurants facing staffing difficulties or looking to improve productivity, mobile ordering is an innovative approach that can yield meaningful benefits.

Kimchi Box app is available on both iOS & Android versions

Final Thoughts

As we have seen, Kimchi Box's adoption of Per Diem's white-label mobile app has been key to its success in becoming a favorite Korean restaurant in Michigan. By embracing mobile technology to offer convenience to customers with a K-Pop vibe, Kimchi Box shows how innovation can delight customers. Their reasonable prices and positive reviews for great-tasting food further drive their popularity. This case study shows how other restaurants can follow Kimchi Box's lead, partnering with the right app developers to meet customer demand for mobile ordering. Adopting the right technology, even for a small business, is imperative in today's digital world.