How Kona Coffee Roasters Transformed NYC’s Commuter Coffee Culture with Per Diem


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increase in app store views


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In the busy city of New York, where time is precious and coffee is essential, Kona Coffee Roasters brings a taste of Hawaiian coffee culture. With three convenient locations near train stations, Kona serves both coffee lovers and tired commuters in search of a pick-me-up. Teaming up with Per Diem, a mobile ordering app developer, Kona set out to change how New Yorkers get their morning coffee. Let's see how this partnership transformed the city's coffee scene for commuters.

Navigating New York's Commuter Coffee Culture

New York City's never-ending energy needs power not only in its busy streets but also in the city's vibrant coffee culture. Every minute counts, commuters hurrying to get trains or threading through congested streets in search of a quick yet filling cup of coffee. Sensing this urgency, Kona Coffee Roasters effectively established its roots in the heart of the city, settling its stores near bustling train stations. The purpose of this deliberate placement was to provide commuters with a place to relax in the middle of their busy days. Yet, as the sun rises over the city that never sleeps, Kona faces its own set of challenges in catering to the caffeine cravings of the bustling masses.

The Challenge of Commuter Convenience

In bustling New York City, everyone wants things fast and easy. But that's not always simple, especially when it comes to grabbing a coffee on the go. Long lines and crowded shops make it tough for busy commuters to get their caffeine fix quickly. Plus, there's not always enough room in the stores for all the people who want coffee, especially during the busiest times. For Kona Coffee Roasters, making sure everyone gets their coffee without a hassle is super important. So, they've got to figure out how to tackle these challenges if they want to stay on top of New York's busy coffee scene.

Challenges: Addressing Congestion and Time Constraints

Even with its ideal sites close to busy train stations, Kona Coffee Roasters struggled to manage the influx of customers, particularly during rush hour. The sight of long queues and extended wait times hindered time-conscious commuters from treating themselves to their favorite cup of coffee. As a result, this circumstance posed a risk of both possible income loss and declining consumer satisfaction. It became difficult for them to manage the influx of customers during peak hours. This only worsened the problem. To maintain its foothold in New York's competitive coffee market, Kona recognized the pressing need for a solution that would streamline operations and elevate the overall customer experience.

Streamlining Operations for Efficiency

In the face of growing congestion, Kona Coffee Roasters prioritized operational process optimization. By implementing strategies that speed up order processing and minimize wait times, Kona aimed to ensure swift and seamless service for its customers. They aimed to increase overall productivity and remove bottlenecks in their stores by implementing new technologies and workflow improvements.

Enhancing Customer Experience Through a Mobile Solution

To address the challenge of limited physical space and alleviate congestion within its stores, Kona Coffee Roasters turned to digital solutions. By partnering with Per Diem, a leading mobile ordering app developer, Kona introduced a convenient mobile ordering platform that allowed customers to place orders in advance and pick them up at their convenience. This digital innovation not only reduced wait times but also provided customers with greater flexibility and control over their coffee experience.

Promoting Engagement and Loyalty

In addition to streamlining operations and embracing digital solutions, Kona Coffee Roasters focused on fostering deeper connections with its customer base. Through engaging initiatives such as in-store events like Latte Art Throwdowns and loyalty programs, Kona sought to cultivate a sense of community and loyalty among its patrons. By prioritizing customer engagement and satisfaction, Kona aimed to differentiate itself in the competitive New York coffee landscape while solidifying its position as a beloved local coffee destination.

In-store Signage

Solutions: Leveraging Technology for Convenience

In their effort to make coffee ordering easier for busy New Yorkers, Kona Coffee Roasters teamed up with Per Diem, creators of a user-friendly mobile ordering app. Together, they aimed to make ordering coffee more convenient for customers on the go. By using technology, Kona wanted to solve the problem of crowded stores and long wait times. They introduced the Per Diem app, allowing customers to order and pay for their coffee from their phones. This meant customers could avoid waiting in line and pick up their coffee whenever it suited them.

Introducing a Simple Ordering System

Kona Coffee Roasters decided to make ordering coffee as easy as possible. They partnered with Per Diem to create a mobile app that anyone could use. With this app, customers could browse the menu, choose what they wanted, and decide when they wanted to pick it up. This way, they didn't have to waste time waiting in line at the store.

Making Coffee More Accessible

Thanks to the Per Diem app, getting a cup of coffee from Kona became a lot easier. Customers could order their favorite drinks from anywhere, whether they were rushing to catch a train or walking around the city. They could even pay for their order in advance, so they didn't have to worry about carrying cash or cards. When they arrived at the store, their coffee would be ready and waiting for them.

Creating a Personalized Experience

Kona Coffee Roasters wanted to make sure their customers felt special. They worked with Per Diem to customize the app, making it look and feel like Kona's own brand. This way, customers would feel right at home when they used the app. From the colors and pictures to how easy it was to find what they wanted, everything was designed with the customer in mind. Kona wanted to show their customers that they cared about them and their coffee experience.

Implementation: Revolutionizing the Ordering Experience

With the support of Per Diem, Kona Coffee Roasters set out to revolutionize how customers engaged with their brand. Their goal was to give their customers a new experience while ordering coffee by incorporating creative ideas. Kona decided to turn their vision into reality through strategic planning and execution, guaranteeing that each client interaction was smooth, convenient, and unforgettable.

Driving Adoption Through Promotional Campaigns

Recognizing the importance of customer engagement, Kona launched strategic promotional campaigns to drive the adoption of the mobile ordering app. Through targeted marketing efforts and enticing incentives, such as discounts and freebies, Kona incentivized customers to download and utilize the app for their coffee orders. By creating buzz around the app, Kona not only increased adoption rates but also fostered a sense of excitement and anticipation among its customer base.

Customizing the Digital Experience

Kona Coffee Roasters collaborated with Per Diem to tailor the app's UI to offer a customized experience. The app offered consumers a unified and engaging experience by combining Kona's distinctive branding features and menu options. Kona's unique personality and charm permeated every encounter, from the minute users accessed the app to the last step of the checkout process, enhancing the bond between the company and its patrons. Kona made sure that every touchpoint represented their dedication to quality and client pleasure by paying close attention to detail.


Following the implementation of their mobile ordering app, Kona Coffee Roasters saw significant positive changes in their business. Customers quickly embraced the new digital platform, leading to a surge in engagement and adoption rates, which ultimately boosted business growth. These outcomes highlighted the effectiveness of the collaboration between Kona and Per Diem in enhancing the overall coffee experience for customers.

Boost in Engagement and Adoption

The introduction of the mobile ordering app sparked a remarkable response from Kona's customers. Right after the launch, the app received over 65 orders in a day and nearly 500 orders within less than two weeks, showcasing a substantial increase in customer engagement and adoption. This surge in digital interaction not only streamlined the ordering process but also created new opportunities for customer engagement and brand loyalty.

Improved Customer Experience and Satisfaction

With the mobile ordering app in place, the in-store experience at Kona Coffee Roasters underwent a great transformation. By offering customers the option to place orders in advance, the app effectively reduced wait times and alleviated congestion within the stores. This improvement in efficiency led to a smoother and more enjoyable experience for customers. Knowing they could easily grab their favorite coffee on the go, customers left satisfied, contributing to Kona's reputation for exceptional service and quality coffee.

Final Thoughts 

The partnership between Kona Coffee Roasters and Per Diem has reshaped the landscape of New York City's commuter coffee culture. By embracing technology and innovation, Kona has successfully addressed the challenges posed by congestion and time constraints, providing customers with a convenient and enjoyable coffee experience. As the city continues to evolve, Kona remains committed to serving the taste of original Hawaiian coffee while staying at the forefront of industry trends. With Per Diem by their side, the future looks bright for Kona Coffee Roasters and the community they serve.