How Per Diem Helps Oaks Coffee House Give Back to The Chattanooga Community


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increase in app store views


increase in app downloads


increase in app sessions


It's not just a cup of coffee, a breakfast sandwich, or pastries. For the Chattanooga community, it is more than just that. Every cup of coffee purchased funds local missions supporting those in need. Now with the Per Diem app integrated with Square POS, Oaks Coffee House can expand its reach and customer loyalty to continue its tradition of community support. Our feature-packed mobile app allows Oaks to easily engage with customers to drive profits. Those profits then circle back to further the shop's charitable goals.

A Non-Profit Coffee Shop With a Mission

Oaks Coffee House is a one-of-a-kind cafe located on Silverdale Rd in Chattanooga, Tennessee with an important goal: to give back to the local community. As a non-profit coffee shop, Oaks donates 100% of its profits to charitable organizations and ministries in the Chattanooga area. Through the sale of its specialty coffee, breakfast sandwiches, and homemade gluten-free food items, Oaks generated $64,000 in donations in 2022 and an impressive $150,000 in 2023 alone

Building Community

For Oaks, community outreach goes beyond monetary donations. The coffee shop aims to be an inclusive space where people from all walks of life can connect over a cup of coffee. Regular events include open mics, book clubs, and community fundraisers. Oaks also partners with local non-profits to spread awareness about important causes and bring more people together to create positive change.

Through a shared love of coffee and commitment to social good, Oaks Coffee House is brewing up an inspired community in Chattanooga. Thanks to loyal customers, Oaks can continue serving up hope. By visiting the coffee shop or ordering ahead through their mobile app, you too can enjoy an amazing drink and be part of something bigger. Together, we’re helping Oaks Coffee House achieve its mission of giving back to the city it calls home.

The Challenge: Growing a Loyal Customer Base to Support Their Mission

As a non-profit coffee shop, Oaks Coffee House relies on the support and patronage of its loyal customers to fund its charitable work in the community. To grow a loyal customer base, Oaks Coffee House partnered with Per Diem to develop a custom mobile app with built-in loyalty features.

Through the app, Oaks Coffee House can connect with customers in many ways. They can send exclusive perks and discounts for first-time purchasers, set up subscription services, and send push notifications about special events or new menu items. The app also makes it incredibly easy for customers to order and pay, whether in the shop or on the go.

  • Providing an exceptional customer experience is key to building customer loyalty. Per Diem’s robust loyalty tools help Oaks Coffee House consistently deliver great service and stay engaged with its customers.
  • A loyalty program gives customers an incentive to return again and again. Per Diem’s loyalty features allow Oaks Coffee House to reward its regulars and turn new customers into lifelong fans.
  • An easy ordering experience makes people want to come back. Per Diem streamlines the ordering process for Oaks Coffee customers, whether in person, online, or via their mobile app.

By utilizing our mobile app and integrated loyalty program, Oaks Coffee House can enhance relationships with its customers and promote repeat business. This backing from an expanding base of loyal customers enables Oaks to fulfill its mission of giving back to those in need in the Chattanooga community.

Solution: A Premium Mobile App by Per Diem

Per Diem created a premium mobile app for Oaks Coffee House to help boost its mission of giving back to the Chattanooga community. The app provides an easy way for customers to place orders and pay using Apple Pay, allowing Oaks Coffee House to focus on their charitable work.

Using a tailored mobile app, Oaks Coffee can now offer incentives like unlimited promotions, subscriptions, and push notifications to foster customer loyalty. Per Diem gives Oaks Coffee House a professional digital presence with its brand colors and photos. The intuitive interface makes ordering quick and hassle-free for customers.

  • The app provides seamless online ordering, dazzling menus, and swift service for customers.
  • It makes it easier for customers to find the closest location and place an order.
  • The app is customized with the brand's colors and logo, giving the restaurant a customized digital presence.

These app features allow them to grab more customers and raise more funds for their community. Per Diem integrates with Square POS, providing Oaks Coffee House with real-time sales data and streamlining operations.

How the App Helps Oaks Coffee House Give Back

Oaks Coffee House’s mission is to donate profits to local charities and community organizations in Chattanooga. Their mobile app, built by Per Diem, plays an integral role in helping them achieve this goal.

The app makes it easy for customers to order and pay ahead, driving higher average spend. Guests who order through the app typically purchase additional items like snacks, gifts, and coffee gear. These extra sales directly translate to more money that Oaks Coffee House can donate to worthwhile causes around the city.

Loyalty features in the app, like first-purchase discounts and reward stars, encourage return visits and bigger tabs. Customers earn points with each purchase that they can redeem for free coffee and bakery items. The more loyal guests come back, the more the shop can give back.

Push notifications enable Oaks Coffee House to promote new products, daily specials, and limited-time offers to app users. Timely messaging brings in more customers, especially during off-peak hours. Additional foot traffic results in extra revenue to allocate to the shop’s charitable partners.

Oaks Coffee's Instagram is integrated into the app, sharing the stories of the organizations and initiatives they support. By highlighting the meaningful work being done in the community, the shop builds goodwill and inspires customers to become benefactors. Donations from customers, either directly or through purchases, allow Oaks Coffee House to make an even bigger impact.

More sales, loyal customers, and community engagement all translate to increased funds for local charities and causes. By facilitating an exceptional customer experience, the app helps Oaks Coffee House give back to the community.

Results: More Customers & More Funds for Local Missions

By offering ultimate convenience, Oaks Coffee House has seen an increase in new and returning customers. Loyal customers can now order their favorite drinks and food items right from their phones for pickup or delivery.

The app's integration with Square Loyalty allows them to reward customers and keep them hooked. They can offer first-purchase perks, deals, subscriptions, and push notifications to alert customers of sales or events. The convenient payment options and streamlined ordering process provided by the app have led to higher average tickets.

By utilizing technology to improve the customer experience, Oaks Coffee House has boosted its ability to support charitable causes in Chattanooga. The Per Diem app has proven to be an innovative solution for coffee shops and restaurants looking to build loyalty and contribute to their community. For Oaks Coffee House, the results have been twofold - more loyal customers and more funds to donate to those in need.

Oaks Coffee app is available on both App Store and Google Play

Final Thoughts

You don't need to look far to see the positive impact Oaks Coffee is having on Chattanooga. Their mission-focused business model and community-centric approach are changing lives. With a customized mobile ordering app integrated with Square's powerful loyalty program, Oaks Coffee can continue serving its loyal customers while donating proceeds to support local causes.