Scan for a Free Cookie: How Chip City's QR Codes Drove App Adoption


increase in app store views


increase in app downloads


increase in app sessions


increase in app store views


increase in app downloads


increase in app sessions


Chip City recently launched a mobile app to help speed up the checkout process when their regulars want to order ahead. The problem was how to get more of their loyal customers like you to actually download the app. Their solution? Embedding QR codes on everything from table tents to window decals to scan for a free cookie. Genius, right? The result? App downloads more than tripled in the first week. Here's the story of how Chip City Cookies leveraged QR codes to drive real results.

Chip City Cookies: Bringing Mobile Sweetness to the Big Apple

Chip City Cookies wanted to spread the sweetness beyond their popular New York City stores. The answer? A mobile app that lets customers order ahead and earn points for free cookies.

To drive app downloads, Chip City embedded scannable QR codes into their in-store merchandizing like product displays, window decals, and signage. Customers just had to scan a code to download the app and get 15 bonus points after an initial purchase, enough for a free cookie on their first order.

The results were delicious—app downloads increased over 750% in the first week. The campaign made it incredibly easy for customers to download the app while they were already engaged with the brand.

Chip City is set to bring their mobile app to new locations in Miami, Boston, Washington DC, and Texas giving new cities a taste of the Chip City experience and to help their legions of loyal customers to enjoy their favorite cookies as conveniently as possible.

With their appetite for innovation and ability to blend tech with tradition, Chip City Cookies has crafted a recipe for mobile success. Their in-store signage meets customers where they already are—in the store and on the go—and give them an instant reward that keeps them coming back.

It’s a win-win that’s as sweet as their signature chocolate chip. For Chip City, the future looks bright—and full of possibility.

Pixel Perfect: A Simple Solution for Driving App Downloads

Chip City designed eye-catching signage with embedded App Store and Google Play badges, and a QR code. They placed them prominently on countertop displays and throughout the store in all their  locations. Each code directed customers to a mobile-friendly landing page on their website where they could download the iOS or Android app.By making their app download process so simple, Chip City was able to significantly boost adoption.

QR codes are an easy, affordable solution for any company looking to drive more traffic to their mobile app. Place them in high-visibility areas where your customers are already engaged with your brand. Combine codes with an incentive like a discount or free product to encourage people to scan and download. Then start reaping the benefits of higher customer engagement and lower marketing costs.

For Chip City Cookies, those little black and white squares were the missing ingredient in their mobile app growth recipe.

Chip City designed eye-catching QR codes and placed them prominently on countertop displays.
Convenient Ordering Adds to an Irresistible in-Store Experience

The convenience of mobile ordering led to a huge uptick in app usage and downloads. In the first week after launching the QR code campaign, Chip City saw:

  • App downloads increase over 750% as new customers quickly saw the benefits of ordering through the app.
  • Average time spent in-store decrease by nearly 50% with the speedier ordering and checkout process. Customers were in and out with their treats much faster.
  • A 20% increase in order value as customers added on impulse items with the simplified ordering flow.

The seamless experience of scanning a QR code, placing an order in their app, and picking up their order just minutes later resonated strongly with Chip City customers. It demonstrated the brand’s commitment to technological innovation and an unparalleled customer experience. The boost in app adoption also allowed Chip City to engage customers more through app-based loyalty programs, special offers, and more.

A Window Into Their World: Custom Decals Tell the Story

As people walked or drove by their locations, the QR codes would prompt them to scan for a free cookie offer, leading them straight to the app download page. Once customers entered the store, Chip City had more QR codes ready to scan that unlocked additional promotions and rewards. This one-two punch of luring people in from the outside and then giving them more reasons to download the app once inside was incredibly effective.

Outside Interest

The exterior window decals prominently featuring a QR code were simple but striking. Against the backdrop of mouthwatering cookie displays, the QR code stood out, hinting at a special treat for those who scanned it. Curiosity and the allure of a free cookie were enough to get many passersby to whip out their phones, open a QR reader app, and scan the code.

An Offer They Couldn't Refuse

When people scanned the outside QR code, they were directed to the Chip City app download page where they could claim a free cookie offer after their first purchase in the app. Who can say no to a free fresh-baked cookie? This irresistible call-to-action resulted in a huge surge of new app downloads and users.

Double the Opportunity

The QR campaign was a runaway success, increasing Chip City's mobile app downloads over 750% within the first week of launching the new window decals and in-store QR codes. By giving customers a compelling reason to download their app and then rewarding them for using it, Chip City unlocked the secret to driving real customer engagement and loyalty.

A Sweet Surprise: Free Cookie Offer Drives Downloads and Delight

After making their first order, a message popped up offering a free cookie for ordering through the Chip City mobile app.

This free cookie offer not only drove app downloads but also brought delight to users. After scanning the QR code, users were prompted to order once in order to claim their free cookie. Once ordered, the app greeted them with an animation letting them know they earned 15 bonus points. They could then easily claim their free cookie by paying with points through the app.

The combination of the free cookie offer and QR codes resulted in increased app adoption and user satisfaction. In the first month of the campaign, app downloads increased over 7x. Surveyed customers who participated in the offer also reported an extremely positive experience, with many becoming loyal app users and frequent store visitors.

Chip City's sweet surprise is a perfect example of using a compelling offer and technology together to drive business goals. The QR codes made the offer easy to discover and engage with, while the free cookie gave customers a tangible reason to download the app. By delighting users from the very first interaction, Chip City Cookies gained valuable new customers and positioned their app as a source for even more smiles and treats.

New users could easily claim their free cookie and pay with points through the app.

Final Thoughts

Next time you see those black and white squares plastered all over Chip City, don't ignore them. Whip out your phone, open your camera app, and scan away. In just a few seconds, you'll have a free treat waiting for you on the other side. It's a win-win - you get a free cookie for basically no effort at all, and Chip City gets another customer downloading their app. Before you know it, you'll be checking in for your free birthday cookie, sharing photos of your latest Chip City creation on social media, and redeeming points for free merch. All because you took a few seconds to scan for a free cookie.