The Perfect Blend: How Coffee Dose Boosted Brand Loyalty with Per Diem


increase in app store views


increase in app downloads


increase in app sessions


increase in app store views


increase in app downloads


increase in app sessions


Running a coffee shop can be a grind, and we're not just talking about the beans. Long lines, frustrated customers, and ever-dropping satisfaction levels –  it's enough to make any coffee shop owner contemplate switching to herbal tea. But what if we told you there's a way to turn things around, eliminate those bottlenecks, and even give your brand a serious boost?

Introducing a dedicated app can do it all. It offers your customers the unmatched convenience of seamless ordering, quick payments, and the chance to pile up those reward points, all without the pain of waiting in line. This isn't just about convenience; it's about taking your brand to the next level.

Coffee Dose got wind of this game-changer and realized its potential. By teaming up with Per Diem, they harnessed the power of an online ordering app to revamp their operations. Now, Coffee Dose delivers an efficient and delightful customer experience. Customers can order, pay, and earn rewards points, all while avoiding those tedious queues, giving a fresh perspective to their coffee shop visit.

And here's the kicker – Coffee Dose chose Per Diem because our app design isn't just easy on the eyes; it delivers on the promise of making life easier for coffee shop owners, staff, and customers. So, if you're yearning to attract new customers, slash those wait times, and build a loyal following,  let Coffee Dose's journey be your guiding bean.

The Importance of Branding in Mobile Apps

Imagine your coffee shop as more than just a place for a cup of coffee. For Coffee Dose, it's all about serving high-quality caffeine with a side of cheeky humor and friendly vibes. They partnered with Per Diem to create a mobile app that's an extension of their brand.

Why is this important? Well, think of your brand as your coffee shop's personality. It's not just about the coffee; it's about the entire experience. Coffee Dose wanted their brand to be a reminder not to take life too seriously, and their app reflects that spirit. The app's not just a looker; it's a reflection of Coffee Dose's brand. The colors, fonts, and logo placement give off a delightful blend of cheeky creativity and feminine flair.

But, let's get down to business.  The app isn't all style and no substance. Whether it's about browsing the menu, saving your favorites, or keeping tabs on your orders, it's a breeze. Not only that, exclusive in-app incentives and rewards make their customers feel like the true VIPs they are, reinforcing the idea that they're not just customers; they're part of the Coffee Dose family.

How Per Diem Helped Coffee Dose Enhance Their Customer Experience

Coffee Dose had beginnings in Costa Mesa and has now grown into a five-location sensation in Orange County. Yet, as their popularity surged, so did the challenge of long waiting times and lower productivity. To tackle this, Coffee Dose teamed up with Per Diem. Now, they have their nifty mobile app that not only streamlined operations but also enhanced customer engagement and their brand's visibility. With the app, Coffee Dose customers can now skip the lines and even earn points for delightful freebies with every purchase. Here's how Per Diem's App empowered Coffee Dose to enhance their customer experience:

Giving Customers What They Want

With their app, Coffee Dose provides an experience tailored to their customers’ needs. No more waiting in endless queues or missing out on seasonal drinks because the line’s too long. Their loyal customers can now place their orders from the comfort of their commute, well in advance, and enjoy a fast, grab-and-go experience. This level of customer satisfaction sets a new standard for convenience.

Seamless Functionality

Thanks to Per Diem, Coffee Dose seamlessly transformed the way they serve their customers. The app provides their customers with a straightforward method to place orders and stay informed about their progress. They let their customers enjoy the convenience of saving their favorite drinks, real-time tracking of their order status, flexible payment options, and access to exclusive rewards and perks through the app.

Customized Branding

Coffee Dose wanted their fun brand personality to shine through in the app. We handed them the power to fully customize their app. Whether it involved infusing creative copy, integrating a signature color scheme, or designing custom illustrations, we made it happen. With a stylish yet simple interface, the app reinforces Coffee Dose’s brand identity at every tap and swipe.

Exclusive Rewards and Promotions

To boost loyalty, the app offers promos and rewards you can only get through the app. Freebies, discounts, bonus points - you name it. Coffee Dose gives its users special perks like "earn 1 point per $ spent plus 150 bonus points just for signing up. Moreover, Customers can then redeem accumulated points for free drinks, snacks, merchandise, or other special offers. This type of program gives customers a compelling reason to choose the mobile app for all their purchases.

VIP Access

Coffee Dose is smart enough to utilize the marketing tools effectively. They offer the app users access to exclusive updates on the latest offerings, promotions, and events at the shop. Their online users have the privilege of being the first to discover new menu items, exclusive sales, and exciting community happenings.

The Results: Increased Loyalty and Brand Awareness

Reduced Wait Times

The mobile app allows customers to place orders before arriving at the coffee shop, enabling them to bypass the queue and pick up their drinks immediately upon arrival. This convenience and saved time has led many customers to become loyal app users and frequent Coffee Dose visitors.

Improved Operational Efficiency

With orders placed in advance through the app, Coffee Dose now prepares them for fast pickup. This allows the staff to work more efficiently and improve the speed of service overall. Furthermore, Coffee Dose's Square POS integration offers them a centralized view of sales, customer history, and inventory across stores. This simplified operations enabled them to provide personalized service through easy access to purchase history and customer details.

Improved Brand Perception

The branding and design of the mobile app aligns seamlessly with Coffee Dose’s esthetic, reinforcing their brand and style. Customers appreciate the cohesive experience across channels, leading them to view Coffee Dose as an innovative, forward-thinking company.

Increased Customer Engagement

The app provides an additional touchpoint for Coffee Dose to connect with and engage customers. Through push notifications, customers stay informed about new menu additions, exclusive promotions, and upcoming events. What's more, the in-app points and rewards system encourages regular visits, nurturing a sense of community and forging a deeper personal connection with the brand.

Increased Sales and Revenue

With an easy ordering system and incentives encouraging frequent use, Coffee Dose has experienced a consistent rise in its app downloads and orders. Customers tend to spend more when they have a simple way to do so and feel appreciated as loyal customers. The app also provides an opportunity to upsell by promoting specials, new menu items, and high-margin products.

Final Thoughts 

As a coffee shop owner, you're no stranger to the daily challenges of managing your business, from long lines to staff coordination. But you can transform your coffee shop into a customer magnet, just like Coffee Dose. By partnering with Per Diem, they've shown that a customized mobile app can make ordering a breeze, keep your customers coming back, and improve your brand visibility. It's not just about coffee; it's about crafting an exceptional customer experience. So, If you're seeking to thrive, let Coffee Dose's story be your inspiration – technology, coupled with a personal touch, can take you far.