Why Kino's Coffee Switched Mobile Apps: A Case Study in Improving the Customer Experience


increase in app store views


increase in app downloads


increase in app sessions


increase in app store views


increase in app downloads


increase in app sessions

You're finally on your lunch break and need an afternoon pick-me-up. You open your Kino's Coffee app to order your favorite cold brew for delivery. But wait - the app looks different. Kino's recently switched to Per Diem and the new app is slick, intuitive, and loads in the blink of an eye. Best of all, your order is ready in record time. Kino's Coffee, a small chain in Illinois, knew they needed to overhaul their mobile app to improve the customer experience. The old platform was clunky, slow, and confusing. Since launching Per Diem, Kino's has seen online orders increase by over 40% as customers flock to the new app. Read on to learn how Kino's Coffee successfully transitioned mobile platforms and gave their customers an app they'll want to keep using.

Kino's Coffee: A Hidden Gem in Cissna Park, Illinois

Kino's Coffee is a small town coffee and dessert shop located in downtown Cissna Park, Illinois that opened in March 2019. Known for exceptional coffee and homemade treats, Kino's Coffee has been serving up deliciousness ever since.

Kino's first used another white-label mobile app for managing app orders. However, they found the app to be clunky and not user-friendly. Customers complained that the app was slow and glitchy, and it was difficult to navigate. They knew this was hurting the customer experience and, in turn, impacting sales.

In early 2023, Kino's switched to the Per Diem mobile app platform. The difference was like night and day. Per Diem's intuitive interface made browsing the menu and placing orders a breeze. Integration with payment platforms meant quicker checkout.

Within a month of launching Per Diem, Kino's online and in-app orders jumped over 50%. Revenue from mobile orders now makes up nearly 5% of total sales. Kino credits the Per Diem app with improving the customer experience and driving more business.

By providing an easy to use, streamlined mobile app, Kino's Coffee has made it simple for customers to order and pay for their favorite drinks and treats on the go. The switch to Per Diem is a case study in using technology to enhance the customer experience, which every small business should take note of. For Kino's Coffee, it has proven to be pivotal in attracting new regulars and keeping the community caffeinated.

The Problem With the Old App

The old app just wasn't cutting it for Kino's Coffee customers. The user experience was clunky and frustrating, leading to fewer mobile orders and lower customer satisfaction.

The interface was outdated and difficult to navigate. Finding your favorite drink required clicking through too many menus and options. Customers craved a quicker, more streamlined way to order their coffees and pastries on the go.

It didn't match Kino's modern, minimalist brand style. The lack of visual cohesion damaged customer perception of the company and discouraged app usage. An inviting, intuitive interface was essential to drive more mobile orders.

Limited payment options were another downside of the old platform. Customers could only pay via credit card in the app, whereas Per Diem's payment methods included Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Store Credit in addition to eGift Cards. More payment flexibility was necessary to match the in-person experience.

In summary, the outdated tech, clunky interface, lackluster design, and restricted payment options were hurting Kino's bottom line and customer satisfaction. A switch to a new mobile ordering solution was critical to deliver the seamless experience customers expected. The choice was clear: it was time to break up and look for something better.

How Per Diem's Mobile Ordering App Solved Our Problems

Per Diem's mobile ordering app solved several major problems we were facing with our previous solution.


The Per Diem app is incredibly intuitive. Customers can easily find their favorite drinks and food to order in just a few taps. Orda's app, on the other hand, had an outdated interface that frustrated customers and led to a poor experience. The Per Diem app's minimal, modern design makes the ordering process simple and pleasant.


Per Diem's app integrates seamlessly with our Square POS system. This means orders flow directly into our payment and order management system, eliminating wasted time re-entering orders and reducing errors. The Orda app lacked this integration, requiring our baristas to manually enter orders into Square. This wasted time and often led to mistakes, which harmed the customer experience.


Per Diem allowed us to fully customize the app with our brand colors, logo, and featured products. This consistent brand experience builds familiarity and loyalty with our customers. Orda's app was generic and did not reflect our brand's identity. The ability to tailor the app to match our brand's style has been invaluable.


Per Diem provides in-depth analytics and reporting on orders, sales, and other metrics. We gain valuable insights into our customers' preferences and habits. The Orda app lacked a robust analytics platform, leaving us in the dark about trends in our mobile orders. Per Diem's analytics tools have allowed us to optimize our product offerings and improve the overall customer experience.

Per Diem's white-label mobile ordering solution resolved the major issues we faced with our previous app. An elegant, integrated platform with powerful analytics has enabled us to build a seamless brand experience for our mobile customers. The transition to Per Diem was the right choice to improve our customer experience through mobile technology.

An Immediate Boost in Customer Loyalty and Orders

When Kino’s Coffee switched to Per Diem, they saw an immediate boost in customer loyalty and orders.

Increased Ease of Use

The Per Diem app is very user-friendly, with an intuitive interface that makes it easy to find locations, view the menu, and place orders quickly. Kino’s customers appreciated how simple it was to use the new app, which led to more frequent visits and larger orders.

Integrated Loyalty Program

Per Diem’s loyalty program is built right into the mobile app, allowing customers to earn and redeem points, receive personalized offers, and get rewards for every purchase. Kino’s was able to provide incentives for customers to place more orders through the app, resulting in a 45% increase in sales from loyalty program members within the first month of launching the new platform.

Improved Ordering Experience

The Per Diem app offers a streamlined checkout process, digital payment options, and the ability to save favorite items and custom orders. Kino’s customers can now breeze through the ordering experience, skipping the line at the counter. The fast, convenient ordering process encouraged customers to place more frequent and larger orders.

Enhanced Customer Service

Per Diem’s mobile app gives businesses a direct channel to communicate with customers for support. Kino’s used the in-app messaging to send customers exclusive promo codes, notify them of new menu items, and address any issues promptly. The ability to provide quick, personalized service through the mobile app boosted customer satisfaction and retention.

By switching to Per Diem, Kino’s Coffee gained a powerful tool to improve the customer experience, build loyalty, increase sales, and strengthen its brand. The user-friendly design, integrated loyalty rewards, streamlined ordering, and enhanced customer service options allowed Kino’s to better serve its mobile customers and see rewards in the form of more frequent visits and larger spend.

FAQ: Making the Switch to Per Diem

Making the switch to Per Diem was one of the best decisions Kino's Coffee could have made. Here are some frequently asked questions about how the transition worked and the benefits Kino's saw.

Was it difficult to switch mobile app platforms?

Surprisingly, no. Per Diem made the process seamless. They handled all the technical details, like transferring customer data and loyalty points. All Kino's had to do was promote the new app to customers.

How long did it take?

Less than a day for the first version. Per Diem's team worked quickly behind the scenes to build and launch Kino's custom mobile app. Kino's just had to provide some details about their brand and what they wanted in an app.

What features does the new app offer?

The Per Diem app includes:

  • Mobile ordering with saved favorites and Apple Pay
  • An interactive loyalty program where customers earn points for purchases and check-ins
  • Analytics to track key metrics like customer engagement, popular menu items and more
What benefits has Kino's seen?

Since launching the Per Diem app, Kino's has seen:

  • A 15% increase in mobile orders, especially from regulars
  • Higher customer engagement as more people sign up for the loyalty program and follow on social
  • Improved data collection to make better business decisions
  • Enhanced customer experience that builds brand loyalty

The switch to Per Diem was well worth it. Kino's mobile app is now a key part of their success and growth strategy. The team is excited to see what other benefits emerge as more customers start using the app.

Final Thoughts

Kino's Coffee made the switch to Per Diem and saw their mobile order volume skyrocket overnight. The new app offered customers a better experience through its intuitive interface, streamlined ordering process, and rewards program. While change is hard, taking the risk paid off for Kino's by boosting sales and strengthening customer loyalty. If you're a business looking to improve your mobile platform, don't be afraid to make the change to an option that will truly resonate with your customers. After all, keeping up with trends and technologies is how you stay ahead of the competition and keep people coming back for more. For Kino's Coffee, embracing progress led to progress. The lesson here? Don't settle for good enough - choose what's best for your customers and your bottom line. The rewards will be well worth it.