From Local Comfort Food to High Tech: How Joanie’s Modernized Operations


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increase in app store views


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You’ve driven by Joanie’s countless times, the iconic building calling you to stop in for a hearty meal. For years, the family-owned restaurant has been a staple of comfort food for the local community, gaining fame for dishes like breakfast burritos, french toast, and gourmet burgers. However, behind the scenes, big changes have been underway. Joanie’s recently partnered with Per Diem to streamline operations and enhance the customer experience. Through an intuitive interface, the Per Diem platform now powers online ordering, payment processing, and a rewards program for Joanie’s most loyal guests. While homestyle cooking and hospitality remain unchanged, technology is helping this local legend gain efficiencies and build connections in the digital age. The story of how Joanie’s “modernized” without sacrificing its retro charm offers lessons for any business looking to balance tradition and innovation.

Joanie's: Hometown Favorites in Murfreesboro

Partnering with Per Diem

Joanie's, a locally-owned restaurant famous for crafting some of the best comfort food in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, aimed to bring their homemade fare into the 21st century. They partnered with Per Diem, a mobile app builder, to create an online ordering system for convenient pickup or delivery.

  • Customers can order their favorite “Joanie” burger or other classic Southern dishes through the Per Diem app on their phone and either pick it up at the restaurant or have it delivered to their door.
  • The app offers secure payment methods from Google Pay to Apple Pay so customers can pay quickly and safely.
  • New users receive 10 reward points on their first download to redeem for any drink.

The partnership with Per Diem allowed Joanie’s to provide an easy, rewarding experience for their dedicated customers and gain new fans.

By modernizing operations through smart partnerships, small businesses like Joanie’s can gain a competitive edge. With a customized mobile app, Joanie’s built brand loyalty and introduced their comfort food to more neighbors in Murfreesboro and beyond.

Challenges Faced by a Growing Local Favorite

Local restaurants face constant challenges to stay competitive and profitable. For Joanie’s, a popular comfort food spot in Murfreesboro, TN, keeping up with operational costs and attracting loyal customers were two of their biggest obstacles.

Challenges of Growth

  • Rising food and labor costs threatened Joanie’s ability to keep menu prices affordable for their loyal customer base. They needed a way to streamline operations to cut expenses.
  • Although featured on shows like America’s Best Restaurants, Joanie’s still struggled to reach new potential customers and turn them into repeat visitors. They required an innovative marketing solution to spread brand awareness and drive sales.
  • Experienced restaurant staff is hard to find and keep. Joanie’s wanted to provide employees with an advanced, user-friendly system to make their jobs easier and the workplace more attractive.

To overcome these challenges, Joanie’s partnered with Per Diem to launch customized online ordering and payment solutions. Per Diem offers restaurants like Joanie’s a turnkey way to optimize operations, boost loyalty, and future-proof their business—all while maintaining their hometown charm.

With their own mobile app, handling routine tasks like ordering, payment, and rewards, Joanie’s staff can now focus on providing exceptional customer experiences. New features like mobile wallet payments also make the checkout process quick and convenient for guests. 

Bringing High Tech to Comfort Food

With the app, Joanie’s allows its customers to place orders ahead of time and pay via options like Google Pay or Apple Pay. This speeds up the pickup process, allowing Joanie’s to fulfill more orders. Customers appreciate the faster service and multiple payment methods, driving customer loyalty and retention.

For them, the app simplifies operations. Staff spend less time taking orders and payments, reducing wait times. The app integrates with Square POS, enabling automated sales tracking and inventory management. This high-tech integration optimizes back-end processes, allowing staff to focus on food preparation and customer service.

The app also provides options for customers to leave customized tips for staff. This feature is popular with customers and helps motivate and retain high-quality employees. With the app handling payments and tips, staff avoid handling cash, maintaining a safe, hygienic environment.

While Joanie’s is known for its best comfort food and a homey atmosphere, the partnership with Per Diem brings high tech into the mix. By streamlining operations, enabling mobile ordering and payments, and driving customer loyalty, a customized mobile app helps this local favorite run more efficiently while enhancing the experience for customers and staff alike. Joanie’s ability to blend comfort with convenience is a recipe for success.

How Per Diem's White Label App Streamlined Operations

Streamlining the Ordering Process

The mobile app gives customers the option to order Joanie’s classic comfort food for dine-in, takeout, or delivery straight from their phones. Customers can browse the full menu, select items, specify any customizations, choose a pickup time, and pay in advance using their preferred method like Apple Pay or Google Pay. This convenient process has led to higher customer satisfaction and increased order frequency.

Managing Multiple Locations

Operating two locations just 15 minutes apart, Joanie’s faced difficulties ensuring prompt service and managing delivery between spots. Per Diem’s app provides Joanie’s with a centralized ordering system, giving them visibility into orders at both locations in real-time. Staff can see what’s cooking at the other restaurant and ensure enough resources are allocated. The app also automatically routes delivery orders to the location closest to the customer for the fastest fulfillment. This level of coordination and efficiency wouldn’t have been possible without Per Diem’s technology.

Planning for the Future

After experiencing the benefits of the app, Joanie’s is planning to launch delivery through third-party services too. The app’s open API will allow Joanie’s to easily integrate with these partners and expand their reach. Joanie’s remarkable growth and success prove that comfort food and high tech are a perfect match. 

Joanie's perspective on the collaboration with Per Diem.

Final Thoughts

Joanie’s is proof that comfort food gems don’t have to be stuck in the past. By partnering with Per Diem, Joanie’s has shown how even the homiest local eateries can use technology to better serve their loyal customers and build new relationships. The future of dining may be high-tech, but with the help of forward-thinking tools, hometown favorites like Joanie’s can stay focused on what really matters: delivering delicious food and unforgettable experiences. You'll always feel right at home, no matter how you order or pay. What are you waiting for? Download the app and start earning your rewards. Your taste buds will thank you.