App Launch Marketing

Our dynamic App Launch Marketing feature enables you to craft compelling strategies to drive customer engagement, turbocharge download rates, and build loyalty, helping both the restaurants and their customers - a total win-win for both you and your cafe regulars.

Customization Options:

Unlimited App Incentives

Promote first downloads and purchases with exciting promotions. You can customize promotions, while your customers enjoy exclusive discounts and weekly subscription plans making every app installation a win-win.

Create catchy promotions and discounts to attract more customers, creating a buzz around your establishment. Easily manage codes and incentives during special events or holidays with targeted promotions.

Compelling Promotion Codes
Loyalty Points Payment

Here’s where the magic happens! Let your customers pay using accumulated points, encouraging app usage. You can also make it simple for customers to acquire and redeem store credit, minimizing the process and boosting orders.

Business Impact

Increased Adoption

Per Diem's initial marketing features enable various App incentives and promotion codes to drive downloads and purchases, increasing user engagement from the get-go.

Customer Retention

Loyalty point integration and endless subscription plans ensure repeat visits and solidify customer loyalty by offering convenient purchase options.

Brand Advocacy

These initial marketing strategies help customers become brand advocates, sparking organic word-of-mouth growth and attracting a stream of new users.