Mobile App Features for Bakeries Using Square

Discover the top mobile app features for bakeries in our webinar. The session covers all the essential tools and functionalities that can streamline your bakery operations, enhance customer experience, and boost your business efficiency. Whether you’re looking to improve inventory management, customer engagement, or overall efficiency, this webinar has you covered. Watch now and start transforming your business with innovative mobile technology.

0:00 - Introduction

0:28 - Agenda Overview

2:01 - Build a Box Feature

3:37 - Out of Stock Features

5:15 - Category Schedules and Prep Times

7:04 - Subscriptions

8:12 - Buy One Get One Free Discounts

9:14 - Delivery Options11:33 - Promoting Seasonal Items

13:13 - Q&A and Demo Preparation

13:39 - Merchant Dashboard Demo

16:03 - Build a Box Feature Demo

19:20 - Out-of-Stock Feature Demo

21:07 - Category Schedules and Prep Times Demo

23:07 - App Interface Overview

Upcoming webinar

Wednesday, 2 pm EST


Tomer Molovinsky

CEO & Co-founder at Per Diem

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