Post Order Features

Our Post Order feature is here to revolutionize the way you manage orders. You'll enjoy efficient order handling, real-time insights, and personalized messaging that will take your operations to the next level and ensure a seamless experience for your customers. From the first order to the last, you're in complete control.

Customization Options:

Easy Navigation

With a complete location guide, finding your restaurant or cafe is a piece of cake. Integrated maps simplify pickup or delivery, saving time for consumers and aiding your staff in seamless order fulfillment.

Take control of customer engagement with tailored notifications for order updates, confirmations, and promotions. Keep your customers in the loop, boosting loyalty and sales.

Push Notifications Settings
Email Customer Support

Resolve inquiries, manage feedback, and build strong relationships with user-friendly support features, enhancing your restaurant's reputation and customer satisfaction.

Business Impact

Boosted Loyalty

The Post Order feature goes beyond satisfaction, leaving a lasting impression. Consumers not only feel valued but also develop a deeper connection with the restaurant, making them more likely to return for future orders.

Continuous Order Tracking

Stay stress-free with the "My Orders" page, allowing customers to track orders, review past orders, and access information whenever they want, ensuring a reliable and worry-free ordering experience.

Real-time Communication

In today's dining landscape, real-time communication is key. Through the post order feature keeps customers engaged and informed through push notifications, ensuring they're always in the loop for a seamless dining experience.