Checkout Feature

We’ve designed the Check Out feature with your consumers in mind. You can offer them a seamless process with multiple payment options, ensuring convenience and flexibility. This way they can enjoy safer and faster transactions.

Customization Options:

Multiple Payment Options

Let the customers choose from multiple hassle-free payment methods. Apple Pay ensures fast and secure transactions, while Credit Card payments are effortless and convenient. Don't forget the secret sauce – Promo Codes and offers for mouthwatering discounts!

Let the customers tweak and spice up their orders. They can use Quantity Selector to adjust portion sizes and make the dining experience even more personalized with a customizable Tip selector.

Order Customization
Convenience and Reminders

For Android users, Google Pay offers a swift payment option, making the checkout process more accessible and streamlined. And here's a cherry on top: our Last Order Schedule Note in the app makes it easier to stay organized and ready for future orders.

Business Impact

Increased Sales

Our multiple payment options are like a magnet for customers, drawing them in with the convenience of choice. Whether it's Apple Pay, credit cards, points, or promo codes, catering to various preferences boosts those number of sales and widens the customer base.

Enhanced User Experience

We believe that a happy customer is a loyal one. By offering simple customization tools in the app, we ensure that each order reflects the individual's taste, leading to higher satisfaction levels.

Data Insights

Our checkout feature also offers valuable data insights by collecting customer preferences and ordering habits, helping you serve up promotions and marketing strategies and driving more business to your restaurant or café.