Order Settings

Our order settings are meant to streamline the restaurant’s operations, designed to empower both the merchants and their customers. This feature will let you customize the pace of ordering, from immediate to same-day pickup, and even set custom prep times. Keep your customers informed with real-time order status updates and transactional push notifications.

Customization Options:

Order Control Flexibility

Imagine having the power to control the pace of your workload at a time! Customers can place orders within specified time windows. This flexibility ensures balanced kitchen operations and reduced customer wait times.

Offer customers instant gratification with same-day pickup option, speeding up order preparation. Manage the resources effectively, fostering loyalty and enhancing the dining experience.

Same-Day Pickup Convenience
Customizable Prep Times

Every dish is unique, right? Tailor your prep times to match. That way, you're serving up quality and keeping those customers grinning. You can optimize your kitchen workflow, reducing wait times and ensuring a delightful online experience.

Business Impact

Improved Efficiency

Immediate Ordering reduces bottlenecks in the kitchen, and boosts turnover, ultimately leading to higher order volumes and maximizing revenues.

Competitive Edge

Stand out from the crowd with our feature-rich "order control" system. Attract those time-sensitive customers, claim a bigger slice of the market, and build a fanatical customer base.

Precision Planning

Tailored prep times and same-day pick-ups enable precise kitchen management, minimizing wastage and reducing wait times.