Transactional Push Notifications

The Transactional Push Notification feature is designed to enhance the communication and order management process between the establishment and its customers. This feature sends real-time updates to customers, ensuring a seamless and efficient ordering experience.

Types of Order Statuses for Transactional Push Notifications:

1. New Orders: These notifications are sent to both the establishment's staff and customers as soon as an order is placed. If auto-printing is enabled on your Square POS app, new orders will also be printed, ensuring that the kitchen or bar staff are immediately aware of incoming orders.

2. In Progress: When the restaurant or cafe begins preparing an order, the "In Progress" status triggers a push notification to inform the customer that their order is being prepared. This keeps the customer informed about the progress of their order and reduces uncertainty.

3. Ready for Pickup: For orders that are ready for pickup, whether by customers or couriers, the app sends a "Ready" status notification. This prompt informs the customer that their order is now available and ensures a swift pickup process.

4. Completed Orders: Once an order is completed, the app sends a final notification to the customer. This serves as a confirmation.

Business Impact:

1. Enhanced Customer Experience: Transactional push notifications improve the overall customer experience by providing real-time updates on order status. Customers appreciate knowing the progress of their order and when it's ready for pickup, resulting in increased satisfaction.

2. Reduced Wait Times: The "In Progress" and "Ready for Pickup" notifications help reduce customer wait times. Customers can time their arrival for when their order is freshly prepared, leading to quicker pickups and higher customer retention rates.

3. Efficient Order Management: These notifications also benefit your staff by streamlining order management. With real-time alerts for new orders and their status, staff can prioritize tasks, maintain order accuracy, and minimize delays.

4. Minimized Miscommunication: The app's notifications minimize miscommunication between customers and staff. Customers are less likely to inquire about order status, freeing up staff time for other tasks.

5. Increased Revenue: Improved customer satisfaction and efficient order management can lead to increased sales and repeat business. Satisfied customers are more likely to order again and recommend the establishment to others.

6. Data Insights: The app can collect data on order processing times and customer behavior, allowing the establishment to make data-driven decisions for better resource allocation and service improvements.

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