Subscription Monthly: March 2021 Edition

Here at Per Diem we’ve been scouring the web for the best resources so that business owners interested in subscriptions and recurring revenue models can learn more about the industry.

‘It’s Never Been Easier to Sell Subscription’: The Surprise Winners of the Coronavirus Shutdown by Richard Kestenbaum at Forbes

Great piece written at the onset of the pandemic about how subscription-only retailers have seen their businesses boom. Richard’s central thesis is that this trend is a sign of things to come – not just for online retailers, but for brick and mortar as well.

Panera’s Unlimited Coffee Program has Nearly 500k Paid Subscribers by Heather Lalley at Restaurant Business

The title of the article says it all. The most interesting piece of the article is that over a third of subscribers are new customers, highlighting the benefits of subscription for customer acquisition. The other interesting metric is that 35% of customers also order food, proving that subscriptions are also great for cross-selling.

From Virtual Farmers Markets to CSA Apps, Farmers Have Gone Digital to Get Produce to Consumers by Ashlie Stevens at Salon

Good recap in the midst of the pandemic on how farmers markets and CSA’s have been at the forefront of the subscription economy, and how the local food movement transitioned to the online world.

Let’s Get Ready to Rundle by Scott Galloway at No Mercy, No Malice

Scott’s one of the leading advocates of recurring revenue models that you’ll find anywhere. He focuses mostly on big tech, but the same lessons apply for any business. Recurring revenue model = sustainable growth & profitability.

Takeout Meal Subscriptions Are Helping Restaurants Find Stability in a Harsh Winter by Brenna Houck at Eater

This is a great roundup that shows how many restaurants are starting to adopt meal kit subscriptions throughout the pandemic.

Travel Megatrend 2025: The Subscription Model Becomes a Model of Travel Industry Renewal by Sean O’Neill at Skift

Great take on how subscriptions are changing the game in travel, and a cornerstone how hospitality and lodging are changing their business models to subscription with an eye towards sustainability.

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